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About Authors:
Keyur S. Patel*, Mital Mehta
Department of Pharmacology,
Anand Pharmacy College, Anand.
Gujarat, India.

Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) has become a leading cause of severe liver disease and withdrawal of an approved drug from the market. DILI accounts for acute liver failure, liver transplantation or death in the United States today. A recent retrospective study indicates that the risk of DILI is enhanced when the administered daily dosage is higher than 50 mg or when the drug undergoes significant liver metabolism. Hence airs a major clinical and regulatory challenge.
This review Sum up Direct mitochondrial impairment and Specific drug induced mitochondrial dysfunction, current mechanistic concepts of DILI in a 2-step model that limits its principle mechanisms to this main ways of initial injury. Umpteen Studies that evaluate the risk of hepatotoxicity from Statins in Hyperlipidemic Patients.  In this article, It will review the pathogenesis of drug induced mitochondrial liver toxicity and deleterious consequences of Atorvastatin.

PHARMAFIESTA ‘13 on World Pharmacist Day Celebration at Anand Pharmacy College - 25th September, 2013

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Shri RamKrishna Seva Mandal is a registered society and a public trust established in the year 1954, managing more than 20 academic institutes. The trust believes in providing scientific and value based education by maintaining pace with the ever increasing needs of modern educational environment.

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Swati k. Nagar*1, Dr. Harsha V. Patel1, Dr.Vishnu A. Patel2, Vinod V. Siju3
1Indukaka Ipcowala College of pharmacy, New V.V.Nagar
2ARCP, Vallabh vidhyanagar
3Anand Pharmacy College, Anand.

The aim of the present study was to investigate the applicability of liquisolid technique in improving the dissolution properties and solubility of olmesartan medoxomil (OLM) in a solid dosage form. This study was designed to optimize and evaluate the effects of different formulation variables: ratio of carrier to coating material (X1) and drug concentration (X2)  on angle of repose (Y1), hardness(Y2), saturation solubility study (Y3) and cumulative percentage release at 10 min (CPR 10min)(Y4) of formulation using five  level two factor central composite design. The quadratic model generated by the design is of the form: Y = A0 + A1X1 + A2X2 + A3X1X2 + A4X12 + A5X22 + E, where Y is the measured response associated with each factor level combination. Contour and response surface plots were depicted based on the equation given by the model. The optimized formula yields observed values close to the predicted values. The liquisolid tablets were formulated with liquid vehicles, poly ethylene glycol 400 (PEG400) at five drug concentrations, 10% w/w, 15% w/w, 20% w/w, 25% w/w and 30% w/w. Avicel PH102 was used as a carrier material, Aerosil 200 as a coating material and cross carmellose sodium as a disintegrant.In-vitro drug dissolution profiles of the liquisolid formulations were studied and compared with conventional formulation (olmezest), in simulated intestinal fluid (pH 6.8). The drug release rates of LS compacts were higher as compared to directly compressed tablets, which show significant benefit of LS in increasing wetting properties and surface area of drug available for dissolution. From this study it concludes that the LS technique is a promising alternative for improvement of dissolution property.


About Authors:
1Bhatt Mehul K.*, 2Dr. Captain A.D.
1Department of Pharmacognosy,
Shivam Pharmaceutical Studies & Research Centre,
Valasan-388 326, Anand, Gujarat, India.
2Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry
A. R. College and G. H Patel institute of Pharmacy,
Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand-380 015, Gujarat, India.

Today estimate that about 80% of people in developing countries still relays on traditional medicine based largely on species of plants and animals for their primary health care. India has one of the richest plant traditions in the world. These are estimated to by around 25,000 effect plant based formulations, used in folk medicine and known to rural communities in India. Indias share in the export of herbals is USD 63 billion which is just 0.2% of the global herbal market. So there is obviously vast scope for Indian manufacturers for entering the growing worldwide opportunity of business in herbal pharmaceutical field. We also have to focus on standardization of herbal products. Pharmaceutical export promotion council i.e PHARMEXCIL is ready to play a key role in this regards. Currently, a majority of the adverse events related to the use of herbal products and herbal medicines that are reported are attributable either to poor product quality or to improper use. Inadequate regulatory measures, weak quality control systems and largely uncontrolled distribution channels may have been contribution to the occurrence of such events. So Pharmacovigilance of herbal medicines is required.


Kanzaria S. H. ,  Patel D. V., Patel K.V., Gandhi T. R.
Anand Pharmacy College.
Anand, Gujarat

Objective: To evaluate anti-inflammatory effect of Capparis aphylla Roth. (CA) using experimental animal models. Material and method: Female Wistar rats (200 to 250gm) were randomly allocated to six groups (n=6). Except group-I (normal control), arthritis was induced in animals of all groups by injection of 0.2 ml Complete Freund’s Adjuvant (6mg/ml) on day one. Additionally Group III (Std) and Group IV–VI (CA-1, CA-2 and CA-3) received Indomethacin (100mg/kg), CA (300 mg/kg ; 240 mg/kg and 190 mg/kg) from day 1 to day 21 orally. Paw volumes of both sides (measured by plethysmography) was recorded  on day 0, 7, 14, 21. On 7th, 14th, 21stdays the severity of the secondary lesions was evaluated by measuring body weight, arthritic index, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate(ESR), Rheumatoid factor(RF), C- Reactive Protein(CRP), Albumin/Globulin(A/G) ratio, X-ray, histopathology of synovial joints. Result: Capparis Aphylla Roth. significantly prevented the freund’s adjuvant induced changes in body weight, serum A/G ratio , arthritic Index, paw edema, ESR, RF, CRP. the results were comparable with the standard drug indomethacin. Conclusion: Antiinflammatory activity of Capparis aphylla Roth. can beattributed to COX-II inhibition leading to decrease in inflammatory mediator.

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Anand Pharmacy College is one of the leading institute of Gujarat, established in 1998 under the aegis of Shri RamKrishna Seva Mandal. The institute has been established with a view to promote excellence in Pharmacy education and to prepare upcoming generation to meet the challenges in the area of Pharmaceutical industries, education, research and development by utilizing leading edge technologies with available resources at the APC.


About Author:
Bhatt Mehul K,
Asst.professor, PhD continue
Department of Pharmacognosy,
Shivam Pharmaceutical Studies & Research Centre,
Valasan-388 326, Anand-380 015, Gujarat, India.

Now-a-days many people of the world are suffering from anxiety, stress and depression. They experience feelings of anxiety before an important event such as exam, business deal or first date. Anxiety disorders however are illness that fills peoples lives with unreal & imaginary fear that are chronic, unremitting and can grow progressively worse. By now, most of us know that anxiety is quite a common complaint and many people have tried some of the various medications used for anxiety. But many don’t know that there are a variety of herbs available used to treat anxiety in natural way. This article includes, “What is Anxiety?” Herbs used to cure Anxiety, depression, and Stress”, and “Natural Self-Healing”.