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Scope of Pharmacy


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Shall I know the future of pharmacy?

Pharmacy is the health profession that links the health sciences with the chemical sciences, and it is charged with ensuring the safe and effective use of medication. The scope of pharmacy practice includes   compounding and dispensing medications, and it also related to more modern services like patient care, including clinical services, reviewing medications for safety and efficacy, and providing drug information.

Well modern pharmacy profession have number of ways to mould the career. They can go for R&D, F&D, Toxicology, Clinical and Preclinical trials and clinical research, Quality control and assurance, IPR, DRA, biopharmaceutics, kinetic studies, marketing, Teaching professional and also in Information technology (as medical writer etc.).. A person with pharmacy graduate can also go for Drug inspector, Government Analyst which are government jobs. So, lot of fields and vacancies are available for Pharmacy graduates.

Recently, Economic recession is not affected to any pharmaceutical industry. This is because demand of drugs will not suppress ever. Lot of new problems regarding health and sanitation are arising day by day. Lot of work is there for pharmacist to take care of public sector.

Pharm.D is introduced in India from October 2008. It will definitely going to enhance the scope of pharmacy and make them registered globally.

From here, you will come to know that future of pharmacy is very bright and growth rate is exponentially increase year by year.