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What is clinical research? and Scope of Clinical research and M.pharm


Clinical courses


Clinical research courses

I am doing B.pharm final year. I would like to know information about clinical research and it's future prospects and which branch in M.pharm is having more demand?

Clinical Research is one of the most knowledge-intensive industry. It is complete biography of drug from its inception in the lab to its introduction to the consumer market and beyond. Any molecule is identified is subjected to pre-clinical and clinical trials before entering in to market. Though postmarketing surveillance is also part of the same.

Pre-clinical studies is associated with effect of drug on animals. All the toxicological studies, tests for teratogenicity, carcinogenicity are carried out.

After this, the data obtained from the studies are submitted as an IND (Investigational Drug Application) to take permission for human studies. Then, it is enter in to clinical trials. There are 4 phases in it.

It is very clear that India has become a very preferred destination for clinical research. The industry is growing exponentially and is expected to reach Rs. 7000 Cr by 2010. Statics shows that if India's clinical trial business grows to 10% of that in US by 2015, the industry will need approximately 50,000 clinical research professionals.

Any professionals from CRO (Clinical Research Organisation), Pharmaceutical, biotech, practising doctors and fresh graduates can apply for it. Salary states is high. As arond 700 Cr. expanditure is there for single research.

M.Pharm, any branch on your own interest has greater opportunity. Right now Pharmaceutics and pharmacology has greater scope. Also pharmacognosy people as Herbal Industries are booming in India. But choosing branch or subject on your interest is more beneficial as one can give free flow of thoughts and also new innovations. So, demand is there for all branch but only on one condition that you have basic to the latest knowledge.