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Advanced Radiation Therapy, LLC and Apollo Healthcare Announce Strategic Partnership

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Advanced Radiation Therapy, LLC and Apollo Healthcare Announce Strategic Partnership

Advanced Radiation Therapy, LLC (ART) and Apollo Healthcare have today announced a strategic partnership aimed at easing the challenge radiation oncology clinics have in pre-authorizing patients for insurance coverage for innovative radiation cancer therapies. Under this agreement Apollo Healthcare will provide its Prior-Authorization package, amongst other services to ART’s existing customer base, as well as any healthcare facilities considering use of their products such as PreciseRTTM and AccuBoost® for adoption within their clinical patient treatment armamentariums.

“We are very excited to be teaming with Apollo Healthcare to ensure oncology patients that can benefit from PreciseRT and AccuBoost are able to receive our novel Non-Invasive Breast Brachytherapy (NIBB) treatments with no delay or interruption to care based on insurance coverage,” remarked Bill Dowd, Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Radiation Therapy, LLC.

By leveraging the human resources, financial modeling and intimate knowledge of commercial and Medicare insurance coding and payment coverage provided by Apollo Healthcare a U.S. based healthcare facility can be sure that physicians will be able to treat patients with the technology of their choice and that the health care facility will be paid the appropriate payment for the lifesaving care the center provides each cancer patient.

“Apollo Healthcare is ready to serve as an additional resource to clinics utilizing ART’s products and technology. We are a team of experienced oncology administrative and clinical veterans who relish the opportunity to wade through the details to get to the core problem of preauthorization delays and payment denials ensuring that physicians can utilize the best technology for their patients’ needs and the health care facilities in which they practice will equitably be paid for the care they deliver,” Christopher Gonzalez, Co-founder of Apollo commented.

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