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Novartis Healthcare launches Sequadra inhaler for COPD treatment

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Novartis Healthcare Private Ltd (NHPL) has launched Sequadra iInhaler  (indacaterol/glycopyrronium) 110mcg/50mcg, a fixed dose combination (FDC) of two bronchodilating active ingredients, indacaterol maleate, a long-acting beta2-adrenergic agonist (LABA) and glycopyrronium bromide, a long-acting anticholinergic (LAMA), for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


COPD is a progressive illness that includes the conditions emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Indacaterol / glycopyrronium combination was developed for the treatment of COPD for patients in whom treatment with a single long acting bronchodilator (LABA or LAMA) does not provide an adequate control of respiratory symptoms. Indacaterol / glycopyrronium combination has demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in lung function at 2 hours post-dose at Week 26. Sequadra inhaler, is a once-daily dual bronchodilator approved as a maintenance bronchodilator treatment to relieve symptoms in adult patients with COPD.

A total of 357 Indian patients were randomized in the aforementioned global studies. Overall, the safety profile and efficacy results in the Indian sub-population were consistent with the global population. At present there are 191 patients from India in the two ongoing studies. Indacaterol/glycopyrronium combination is currently approved for use in over 76 countries, including countries within the EU, Japan, Canada, countries within Latin America and Australia.

NHPL is committed to addressing the needs of COPD patients and improving their quality of life by providing innovative medicines and devices. NHPL’s COPD portfolio includes indacaterol/glycopyrronium combination and onbrez breezhaler (indacaterol) which are all indicated as maintenance treatments for COPD patients.

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