Vacancy in University of Copenhagen: Postdoctoral Research Training Position in Medicinal Chemistry

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pharma courses

A 21-month postdoctoral research training position in medicinal chemistry is available from 1 January 2011, or soon thereafter, for the GluTarget project under the programme of excellence at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. The GluTarget project ( is a multidisciplinary programme in structural biology, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, molecular pharmacology and ex vivo/in vivo pharmacology. The place of employment is the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The position is related to a project entitled “Design and synthesis of compounds selectively acting at subtypes of ionotropic glutamate receptors”.

The GluK3 receptor subunit is one of the five known kainate-preferring ionotropic glutamate receptor subunits. GluK3 subunits assemble with GluK2 receptor subunits to form ionotropic glutamate receptors present in several brain regions where they modulate synaptic transmission. Little is known about the therapeutic implications of such receptors, but they are likely to be involved in synaptic plasticity and hence linked to cognitive disorders. At this time, no selective GluK3 receptor antagonists are reported in the literature.

The aim of the current project is to use ligand- and structure-based strategies to design and synthesize GluK3-selective receptor ligands that can be used as pharmacological tools in the study of the physiological role and therapeutic potential of GluK3-containing receptors.

The qualified candidate is a dedicated and highly skilled person with a strong background in modern synthetic organic chemistry. Extensive experience in multi-step synthesis, purification, and characterization of organic compounds using modern chromatographic and analytical techniques, such as NMR, is also expected. The candidate must be able to work independently, as well as in a collaborative research group with pharmacologists and structural chemists.

Department policies require teaching, which amounts to 5-10% of the total workload.

Candidates may apply before receiving their PhD degree, but the successful candidate must have earned a PhD degree before the start of the project.

The position is covered by the terms of the collective agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. As an equal opportunity employer, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences invites applications from all interested candidates regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin or religion.

For additional information about the project, please contact Tommy N. Johansen, associate professor, phone +45 3533 6412, e-mail

Applications should be marked 211-0049/10-0900 and include the following attachments:
1) Application
2) A current curriculum vitae
3) Copies of relevant diplomas
4) A complete list of publications indicating those articles relevant to the position and copies of same
5) A statement of teaching qualifications.
The attachments must be clearly labelled with the above-mentioned numbers.

Applications should be sent to:

Only electronics applications will be accepted.

The deadline for application is 19 December 2010 at 12:00 noon.

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