m.pharma phrm analysis from jamia hamdard....

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garima kapoor
m.pharma phrm analysis from jamia hamdard....

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Pharma courses

pharma courses

pharma courses

  plzz suggest- can i do m.pharma phrm analysis from jamia hamdard.... there is no scholarship in this stream


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ya not at all in jamia

ya it is not there in jamia hamdard but you can look for some other scholarships which may announce soon

To Join M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Biotech) in Jamia Hamdard

Yes, you can join in M.Pharm. programme in Pharmaceutical Biotech 2014 with GPAT for scholarship, with out GPAT as NRI candidate. 
last date for application is 25/ 5 / 2014. only on line apllication 
visit : www.jamiahamdard.edu
For more Information contact me 
Dr. Bibhu Prasad Panda (M.Pharm,PhD)
Assistant professor (Pharmaceutical biotech)
mobile: 09990335013
email: bibhu_panda31@rediffmail.com



Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Division,  
Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard          

Microbial and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology laboratory                               www.jamiahamdard.edu

 M. Pharm. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Pharmaceutical biotechnology is the science that covers all technologies required for the production, manufacturing and registration of biotechnological drugs. Advances in recombinant genetics facilitate the routine cloning of genes and create genetically modified organisms that can be used in industrial production.
Pharmaceutical biotechnology is a rapidly evolving and multidisciplinary field and our M. Pharm. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology programme focuses on the new developments in the production of therapeutic proteins, downstream processing and characterization, bioinformatics, advanced molecular principles and research methods.
The programme aims to produces post graduates with a critical and analytical capability, as well as a flexible approach to problem solving. These skills will enhance your laboratory and professional competence at a supervisory level and you will be able to work independently and use your initiative to solve the diverse problems you may encounter. You will also be able to bring a creative approach.
Top Indian universities and Institutes offer M. Pharm. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Ø  NIPER, Mohali, Punjab
Ø  Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi
Ø  College of Pharmaceutical science, Andhra University, AP
Ø  Department of Pharmaceutical science, Dr. HS Gour University, Sagar, MP
Why Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi?

  • Oldest Pharmacy Department
  • International standard Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Research Laboratory
  • Scholarship for GPAT holder
  • Jamia Hamdard is UGC NAAC A Grade University
  • Internship in Biotech and Pharma industries
  • Expose to world class research facility
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology division is Under UGC innovative programme
  • Sponsored research projects under DBT, UGC, and DST

Future prospects for M. Pharm. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Graduates
ü  In pharmaceutical R&D – in Vaccine and Biopharmaceutical research
ü  In Biotech industries – as fermentation or bioprocess scientist
ü  In education – as assistant professor in pharmaceutical biotechnology/ microbiology
ü  Higher study – to carry out PhD, PDF in Foreign Universities
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Alumni of F/O Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard
Dr. Kanchan Bala
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Georg-Speyer-Haus, Germany
Email: bala@gsh.uni-frankfurt.de
Dr. Ajaz Ahmad
Research Scientist,
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Email: aajaz@ksu.edu.sa
Dr.Naseer Maliyakkal
Post Doctoral Fellow
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Email: saytonaseer@gmail.com
Other M. Pharm. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Students of Jamia Hamdard
Md. Makhmur Ahmad selected in Dr. Reddy’s Lab R&D Division (Bio-catalysis Division)
Rohit Kapoor- DST Inspire fellow, PhD Jamia Hamdard
Alka Puri –DST Inspire fellow, PhD Jamia Hamdard
Praksah Chandra Bhatt- Young scientist DST Govt. of India.
Washim Khan –Research Chemist – National Institute of Biology (Govt. India), Noida
Ankit Malhotra – Research fellow – Institute of Microbial Technology (CSIR Lab) – Chandigarh
Reyhan Akhtar- PhD (medicine) University of Melbourne, Australia
Omkar Regmi – Research Scientist – Nepal Pharmaceutical, Nepal
And many more in top pharmaceutical organization…….
                       Admission information for M. Pharm. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at Jamia Hamdard 2014
Last date: 25 May 2014 (only online application)                         


Fees under general category (GPAT holder):

                                                         Rs 62,500-1st semester, Rs 62,500- 2nd semester
                                                       Rs 65,625-3rd semester, Rs 65,625-4th semester
                                         Fees for non GPAT holder: $5500/year
Contact:         Dr Bibhu Prasad Panda (M. Pharm., PhD)  
Mobile: 09990335013 (any time)
Have a visit to the facility and interact with me (Dr Panda)
                 G-8, Microbial & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Laboratory (MPBL)
Cente        Advanced Research in Pharmaceutical Science, Nano-Biotech Building,
                 F/OPharmacy, Jamia Hamdard, Hamdard Nagar, New Delhi -110062
For admission to M.Pharm. (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology) 2014-2015
          Contact:  Dr Bibhu Prasad Panda
Assistant Professor (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology)
Jamia Hamdard, New delhi 
Email:  bibhu_panda31@rediffmail.com
Mobile: 09990335013

Yes you can join in M.Pharm

Yes you can join in M.Pharm pharmaceutical biotech with scholarship from AICTE.
Last Date for application 25/5/2014
contact me for detail by mail or by phone 
Dr bibhu Prasad Panda (M.Pharm, PhD)
Assistant professor (Pharmaceutical Biotech)
Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi 110062
mobile 09990335013
email: bibhu_panda31@rediffmail.com

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