study in uk M.Sc in Pharmacology

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study in uk M.Sc in Pharmacology

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i am pharmacy graduate from uptu.  Through conceller, I have got admission  in University of Bedfordshire, luton uk, for MSc pharmcology, and university  of STRATHCLYDE GLASGOW UK., for Pharmaceutical Analysis. I have no idea about  the universities credentials. I also dont have any idea about the future of these courses.  I request you all to give me suggesions which may be helpful me to take decesion.


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University  of STRATHCLYDE

University  of STRATHCLYDE Ranks - 25th among All UK universities... Ranks 324 at world level
Recognized in Privacy Council
Main Affiliations and Memberships
: Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU); European University Association (EUA); European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU); Universities UK

University of Bedfordshire ranks - 103rd among all UK universities... Ranks 1474 at world level
Recognized in Privacy Council
Main Affiliations and Memberships: Million; Universities UK

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Hi, I suggest you to strongly


I suggest you to strongly reside in India and complete M.Pharm.
I have done my MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences,UK recently but I havent found any proper job yet since last 6months.The problem being recession,the employers are preferring EU residents although the immigrants qualify for the position they are not even ready to call for an interview due to strict visa rules as UK border agency had cancelled the possibility to renew visa.I think you might have already known that you cant apply for PSW after completion of studies as per current rules and you can work only 10hrs/week on student visa which cant be enough for your living expenses.

If you ever want to pursue higher education in Pharma I advise you opt for Canada,Australia or US rather than UK.Anyways,it is upto u.

Good lck

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