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Pharma courses

pharma courses

Which is better career Quality assurance or Drug Regulatory Affairs ? and
Does Global institute of Regulatory affairs,Chinchwad, Pune offers placement assistance to students?


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Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

I dont know about Global institute...

But Best one is here.... You might be heard before about Birla institute of technology.. offering M.Pharm in QA & Regulatory Affairs

go on,

And i think they have placements assistance, too.

About add. To m pharm


I got ad. in manipal Uni with Branch PHarm. Administraton,

is there is scope to that,

i can also change my subject to pharma chem. is this decesion is right,

plz plz plz reply as soon as possible ,

i am confusuion

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good one

yes it is good one.
 Go with Pharma Administration.

Regarding Job


I have done B.pharma and completed in 2008, after that I worked in pharma Marketing for 1.3 years. Now, I want to change my current field to clinical research.

I have applied for Clinical Research Associate on many job portals , but I din't get any offer yet.

My financial condition is not weel , that I can spend 1 -2 lacks in CR course.

Any suggestion for me? How can I get chance to work in CRO on B.pharam Degree.?

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You need to study some

You need to study some masters or certificate course in CR otherwise difficult to get in on the basis of B.Pharm and exp of marketing...

hello sir,

Actually I have read about many courses provided by many private institutes...And many of them are not AICTE approved.?

Will there be any problem to get job ,suppose if I enroll from such institute which is not AICTE approved?

and Which are the courses in CR are most in demand? is it ok with distance learning course?

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No it is not so  but in govt

No it is not so  but in govt job, it may creating problem.

Distance learning is also o.k. for CR. Nothing is most demanded like but any course and mainly M.Sc in CR Management is good one.

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