allergens and their treatment

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allergens and their treatment

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allergens:the substance that are capable of inducing an allergig reaction /response known as allergens.
the allergic response is observed by the hypersensitivity of body cells to various type of reactions.
genarally every living organism can produce an immune response protect body from disease.
during protection asystem is developed by which many mechanisms are evolved which increase efficacy of recognition and elimination of foreign proteins (antigens).
the development of immunoglobins is related to hypersensitivity.
this may cause hay fever,asthma,anaphylatic shock.
the antibody is formed due to the contact of allergen locally within plasma cells embedded in mucosa of target areas of nasopharynx ,gastrointestinal tract,respiratory tracts.
theallergen diffuses inti tissue fluid ,and the antibody attaches to basophils and platlets . then the allergen binds to this cell bound region .
The attachment triggers release of histamine,kinin,serotonin,vasoactive substances.
now allergic symptom in form of bronchospasm ,vasodilation and increase nasal secreation produced.

the wind borne inciting allergens are known as aeroallerogens.
producer allergic rhinititis bronchial asthma etc.

the seeds of ammi visnaga yield a new compound called cromolyn sodium .
this compound is believe to affect release of vasoactive substance and act to prevent the asthama.
the lives of tylophora indica is claimed to relieve moderate to complete action of nasobronchial allergic symptoms.
there are drugs to control aasthematic attak :
epinephrine and its congeners.
methylxanthines administered intraveniously  for chronic asthama  ,steroids for severe and intractable states.

plants causing allergy:
aceraceae        _ acer
arecaceae   -      phoenix
brassicaceae-    sinapsis
cyperaceae-        carex
fabaceae-            acacia
fagaceae -           quercus
moraceae   -         morus
polygoniceae ----     rheum, rumex
typhaceae-------        typha
urticaceae ------       urtica
thuja, pinus, juniperur, ginko.
rhizopus, puccinia, candida, alternaria, phoma.

irritent allergens plants:
araceae --------   alocasia,arum, colocasia.
brassicaceae--------- brassica.
fabaceae ------------   acacia,mucuna
liliaceae --------------    alium
poaceae ------------       bambusa
sterculiaceae ---------- sterculia
solanaceae --------------     capscicum

photosyntesising allergen plant:

apiaceae --------  ammi majus

moraceae ---------  ficus carica

rosaceae -----------  argimonia eupatoria

skin allergen of plant origin:
name                           active principles                     chemical nature
apium species
apiaceae                       limnonene                                  terprnes
elettaria cardamomum         borneal                                    alcohol
rosa                                     citral                                        aldehyde