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pharma courses


Submitted by admin on 31 January 2014

Hello Sir,
Now i am working as a Dealer in my own Share Securities Firm in my home town.
I got a offer from one of my Family member who is a one of main distributor in Banglore, he would like to open a branch in my home town.
Even I am also interested in that, but the problem are:
1. I am able to work after 3.30pm to evening or up to late night & even in Saturday’s & Sunday’s  is this enough ?
2. They told that they ll train up me for MR before I start working, is that enough ?
3. The good thing is I know most of all Doctors & Medical shop in my town, in my town we have around 10-15 clinic’s & 4-5 hospitals , is this enough to get good revenue ?( they { my Family member / distributor } told that revenue ll in % basis).
4.  My home town is a Taluk headquarter & I am thinking to go for near other 2-3 Taluk headquarter which is near to me( comes in 35-45km radius ) , so I think this ll help me to improve my revenue.
So can you pls suggest me.
Thanking you
Abhi Koppa

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