Scope of MBA after Pharmacy

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Scope of MBA after Pharmacy

Pharma courses

pharma courses



1st of all I wish you thanks for initiation of such a informative portal for pharmacy.

I am sikha. studying in 3rd of pharmacy. I am very much confuse whether to got for M.Pharm or MBA?

which one is good for better career prospectus?

And what is the scope of MBA? which specialization is helpful for me.


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Hello, Sikha All



All the area of M.Pharm are equally important for those who have grip on particular subjects. Follow the given link,

M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics is most valuable in India where as in US and other foreign countries pharmacology is well established. Pharmaceutics is unique subject deals with all F&D, production etc. so, scope is clear. Though some places of pharmacology are absorbed by MBBS but M.Pharm in pharmacology is competitive with MBBS. A person with Pharmacology can enter in preclinical and clinical studies. Also Pharm.D is mainly deals with pharmacology.
For more information about pharmaceutics and pharmacology visit,

Herbal Drug industry is booming in India and other parts. so pharmacognosy is bigger aspect now. Demand of herbal drugs are elevated due to less side effects. Himalaya, Zandu, Dabur and so many are standing in squad and looking for such person.

Recent Market shows that M.Pharm with chemistry are less absorbed in industry than B.Sc, Chemistry. Because in pharma chem., we are more concentrating on SAR of the drug molecules.

Pharma-analysis is other important line where one can go for QA, QC etc. And other fields like biotech, microbiology have less chance in it. It is unique, so you can also go for it.

MBA - Some of The best Institutions of India which conducting Pharma-MBA are: NIPER, NMIMS, Manipal....

Scope: The scope for a Pharma-MBA graduate is unparalleled. Apart from attractive pay packets and placements being offered at college-level itself, it opens doors to various sectoral opportunities. The corporate world has seen many MBA professionals occupying top slots in the corporate ladder.
For more queries about management studies,

Today, a Management Degree has become an attractive proposition, as there are attractive entry level salaries (including $ salaries offered by some MNC's) and typically, a Management Graduate gets absorbed into a Company through the Campus Placement Program of the Institute. The MBA Program offers a lucrative career option to both experienced professionals as well as fresh graduates.

Most degrees are obtained with the purpose of advancing your career prospects and job opportunities. The same is the case with an MBA degree; the only difference being that an MBA degree is considered as the most valuable post graduate degree in the world and has exciting career opportunities. People take the MBA program in order to further their careers in their current jobs or to get a better job on the basis of their MBA degree.

And also,

But if you are pharmacy graduate, it will better for you to go for pharma MBA rather than general MBA.
Though general MBA has more chances to get job but it may not be of standard level. Here, standard level is not mentioned about salary but it is related to your interest. You may not be interested in some account and related job responsibilities. But in Pharma MBA, you have to deal with problems and management related to pharmacy, so you may get more influence and can easily grow in the field.

MBA in health management is also have good career prospectus. The healthcare sector is facing challenges on all sides requiring the traditional role of the professional manager to be redefined and experience in devising packages of tailored professional development, is ideally placed to support healthcare managers to meet the changes needed to deliver first class patient services. Whether you role is managing facilities, dealing with finance, steering operations or guiding policy your contribution will really matter. And if you can manage in health you'll have proven you can manage in one of the fastest moving, politically sensitive management environments globally today.

MBA in HR is good but In interview first of all you will be asked that why you did pharmacy? You can do same with any other B.Com or B.A.... So, you have to mentally prepare your self for such argues.
HR is booming. so you can get job as junior or assistant manager easily.

MBA in pharmaceutical marketing is good way to mould the career. Recently you had might be seen that only pharmaceutical companies are withstanded in economical recession. Therefore being with pharma-companies rather than other is cleverness.

For more detail,

For more queries, your most welcome.

 M.Pharm and MBA both are

 M.Pharm and MBA both are different areas to start with.

Their scope is decided by your own interest that whether you wanna make your career in research, production, QA, QC or sales and marketing.

The simplest thing is that if you want to go for production or F&D- choose M.Pharm in pharmaceutics.

like wise,
M.Pharm in pharmacology- for clinical research
M.Pharm in analysis- for QA or QC
M.Pharm in chemistry- mostly R&D
M.Pharm in pharmacognosy- in ayurvedic and phyto-research
Even all above subjects are eligible to join R&D as per need.

And in MBA... Pharma MBA, MBA in healthcare management, MBA-HR are most valable as per pharma field concerned. 

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reply   yeah.I'm also in



yeah.I'm also in final year now. and I've decided that I 'll pursue MBA rather than MPHARMA

because it depends on you whether you are very outspoken in society and everyone loves to hear your opinion or you are selfcentred  towards your pharmacuetical studies and likes to explore it without taking interest on global challenges and extra activities


it totally depends on you.So ask yourself

Yes right Pulkit

Yes right Pulkit

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