Formulation and Characterization of Microemulsion based Gel of Antifungal Drug

  • Posted on: 10 February 2014
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PharmaTutor (February- 2014)
ISSN: 2347 - 7881


Received On: 29/12/2013; Accepted On: 05/01/2014; Published On: 10/02/2014


Author: Patel Rahul R.*, Kanu R Patel, Mukesh R Patel
Department of Pharmaceutics,
Shri B.M.Shah College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
Dhansura Road College campus Modasa, Dist:- Arvali. Pin code:- 383315 Gujarat, (India)


ABSTRACT: Micro emulsion based Gel formulation provides better application property and stability & makes it dual control release system in comparison to cream and ointment. Topical Microemulsion based gel drug administration is a localized drug delivery system anywhere in the body through ophthalmic, rectal, vaginal and skin as topical routes. Many advantages of gels a major limitation is in the delivery of hydrophobic drugs. So to overcome this limitation, Microemulsion based approach is being used so that even a hydrophobic therapeutic moiety can enjoy the unique properties of gels. Whenever, it is used for fungal disease for topical delivery system so it is good for compare to oral delivery. When gels and Micro emulsions are used in combined form the dosage form are referred as Microemulsion based gel. Skin is one of the most extensive and readily accessible organs on human body for topical administration and is main route of topical drug delivery system. It is prepared by mixing an oil-in-water type or water-in-oil type emulsion with a gelling agent. The use of Micro emulsion based gels can be extended in analgesics and antifungal drugs.


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