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FEB - 2014 (Vol-2, Issue-2)
Jan Aushadi Store: A New Approach in Providing Low Cost Drugs to the Public                                  (MORE)
Role of NMDA Receptors in Brain Functions                                                                                 (MORE)
A review on Anti-HIV activities of compounds isolated from the medicinal plant and advantage of plant tissue culture in development of Anti-HIV                                                                                           (MORE)
An Insight to In-Situ Gel Forming Stomach Specific Drug Delivery System                                        (MORE)
Synthesis and Anticancer activity of Flavone Derivatives against Estrogen Dependent Cancers by Rational approach                                                                                                                             (MORE)
Polyelectrolytes: as a Drug Delivery System                                                                               (MORE)
Microspheres as Hydrodynamically Balance System                                                                      (MORE)
Brief Concept of Validation & Calibration                                                                                    (MORE)
Formulation and Characterization of Microemulsion based Gel of Antifungal Drug                                (MORE)
Nanocochleate: Novel Bypass of Conventional Drug Delivery System                                               (MORE)
A Review on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease                                                                    (MORE)
Drug Therapy Problems: A Review Of Literature                                                                          (MORE)
Soy-based Diet: A Mesmerizing Triumph for Wellness                                                                   (MORE)
Management Of Asthma: Role Of Clinical Pharmacist                                                                    (MORE)
Formulation and evaluation of prolonged release transdermal drug delivery system of atenolol for the treatment of hypertension                                                                                                                    (MORE)
Smoking - Hazardous to our health: ‘an overview’                                                                       (MORE)
Body Language: Important aspect for getting hired                                                                     (MORE)