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  • Community Pharmacist as a profession

    Community pharmacists are the healthcare professionals who are accessible to the public and patient and provide them the required services. Around this world, a number of people visit community pharmacies to fulfil the daily requirement of their healthcare system. And when they visit to the pharmacy, pharmacists are the first person who come to their contact and help them by providing the nutraceuticals as well as pharmaceuticals.

  • How Can You Treat Diabetes the Ayurvedic Way

    One of India’s leading Ayurvedic medicines developers, Butterfly Ayurveda, recommends people to take care of their sugar levels with Ayurveda, particularly during this pandemic since they are at huge risk of COVID-19. According to the International Diabetes Federation, the number of people with Diabetes in India is expected to rise to 69.9 million from 40.9 million by 2025. Indian subcontinent is commonly called the Diabetic capital of the world. Diabetes is a condition in which body sugar level is high.

  • Healthcare Should be Accorded National Priority Status - Dr Alok Roy

    Union Budget is a much anticipated event every year and more so in FY 21-22, as expectations are running much higher this time.

    The year that’s ending has been a year of pandemic disrupting lives & livelihoods & causing economic turmoil. From being one of the fastest growing economies, people are still battling with the pandemic gloom.

  • How viruses escape the immune system

    One reason it’s so difficult to produce effective vaccines against some viruses, including influenza and HIV, is that these viruses mutate very rapidly. This allows them to evade the antibodies generated by a particular vaccine, through a process known as “viral escape.”


    Precautions and Contraindications for COVID-19 Vaccination
    1. Authorized Age Group: Under the EUA, COVID-19 vaccination is indicated only for 18 years and above.
    2. Co-administration of vaccines: If required, COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines should be separated by an interval of at least 14 days
    3. Interchangeability of COVID-19 Vaccines is not permitted: Second dose should also be of the same COVID-19 vaccine which was administered as the first dose.

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    Know about top 15 pharma prescriptions brands. There are various brands included for various therapies or indications like Antidiabetics, Antiasthma, Antibacterial, Hepatoprotective, Multi-vitamins, hormonal therapy etc. 

  • Unmasking the reality of Covid-19 vaccine paranoia

    About Author
    Mohd Riyaz Beg
    Pharmacology Research Scholar | Student Placement Coordinator (M. Pharm, ICT, Mumbai)    

  • 7th Free Career Guidance Webinar on How to Face an Interview? has been created with the aim to create an interactive platform which could provide unprecedented support to novice pharmacy students and researchers in their day to day doubts and also to increase the awareness among the students about this field and introduce the various upcoming areas of research and Job opportunities.


    7th Career Guidance Webinar PHARMA EXPERT TALK

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  • Pharmacist Hero Vol 8

    PharmaTutor facilitating these Pharmacy warriors who are contributing against fight of COVID-19. This is Volume 8. We shall keep posting list of more Pharmacist Heroes.

    Any pharmacist from industry, academics, researcher or community pharmacist who contributing actively for fight aganist COVID-19 can send their details.


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  • Interview of Dr. Prof. B. Suresh : we have to improve our competency and knowledge

    "We cannot compare straight away with US or Europe and say that these should be community Pharmacy and they are lagging behind. I would say that Yes! we have to improve our services and role as Pharmacist in the community pharmacy that is more important and for that knowledge is important.

    Interview of Prof. Dr. B.

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