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Formulation Capabilities of Kumar Organics


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Formulation Capabilities of Kumar Organics

Formulation chemistry is the branch of manufacturing that deals with substances that don't react with each other, but contribute to the final product in some way. For example, an Anti-ageing Cream contains Bakuchiol, Emulsifiers, Emollients, Humectant, Preservative, Fragrance, etc.

Formulations are designed to have beneficial and desired properties that fulfil a specific purpose. Like No Scar, it not only contain a particular combination of ingredients but these ingredients are combined in carefully measured quantities according to an exact formula.

Unlike the pure substances that are comprised of single chemical, formulation is the mixture of different chemicals. This mixture of chemicals assumes much importance because it is essentially designed to produce desired product with required characteristics.

A formulation may be created for any of the following purposes: to achieve desired effects that cannot be obtained from it, it is used singly, to achieve a higher degree of effectiveness. to improve handling properties and often safety for the user.

Thus, Formulation Department in an active chemical manufacturing has very following important role to play.
- It projects efficacy of an active
- It shows how best active can be used to maximise its efficacy
- It throws light on various characteristics of an active chemical
- It highlights its compatibilities
- It acts as tool to promote active chemical to its customer
- It helps the client to feel understood and seen

We, at Formulation Dept. of Kumar Organics has capabilities to make most Cosmetics & Personal Care Products. At time we do formulation of medicament & Food as well.
We have expertise in formulating following.
Skin Care-Moisturizers, Anti acne, Anti-ageing, Skin lightening, Cleansers, Face wash ,Body wash, Anti-crack cream for foot, Antifungal cream for Hand & Nail, Face Mist like Carrot Dew, No Scar, Lip Moisturizers, Roll on Deodorants,etc.
Hair Care- Shampoo, Conditioners, Hair treatment products like straightener, Perming, Hair growth products, Hair oils, etc.
Oral care – Tootpaste, Mouthwash, Mouthspray, Mouthfreshner, etc.
Color Cosmetics- Lipstick, Foundation, Concealer, BB Cream, CC Cream, Mascara, Eye-shadow, Eyeliner, etc.
Shaving Preparation  –Shaving cream,Shaving gel,After shave lotion,etc.
Depilatory- Hair Remover Cream, Hair Remover Foam,Hair Remover Spray, Hair Remover Powder, Hair Wipe,etc.
Miscellaneous- Beard care cream, Beard growth tonic, Intimate wash Sunscreen, Perfumes, etc.

We also keep working on innovative formulation and have  many patents as well.
We have also developed formulations as per current trends, which eventually is the aftereffect of Covid-19, like Skinimalism, Waterless Formulations for sustainability, BioCosmetics, Anti-stress skin care, Anti-pollution products.

We have developed many products for Skinimalism which are multifunctional,
Many waterless formulations like Shampoo tablet, Shampoo powder, Conditioning Bar, Mouthwash tablet, Depilatory(Hair Remover) tablet,etc.
We are manufacturer of Pullulan and using this we have developed many sublingual strips like Mouth-freshner strip, Strip with Medicines, Strips with herbs, Nicotine strips. We have also developed Tablets with pullulan as binding agent & coating agent. We are also working on formulation of Hard & Soft capsules with it. Edible gummies were also formulated with it.
We also work on various formulation of Blends of which two preservative blends are already launched like KOPTBC & KOPBOB. We are currently working on formulation of Surfactant blend that will be Sulphide & Amide free with better efficacy & copious foam and Blend of Natural moisturising factors. We have also formulated blends of Bioferments with chemical active for synergistic effect on efficacy.

All these have helped us achieve the goal that was set by us i.e. Positive Cash Flow turnover.