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Future of Pharmacist from India at US, Canada in Recession


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Could you tell me about the future carrier of pharmacist in abroad especially in US and Canada according to the present scenario like recession and streams that would be good in future in coming days?

Recession is affected all fields in the Countries like US and Canada. Recently H1-B visa is cancelled for out countries by US. It can clearly explain that those who are outside India will get more difficulties to find their career. They have also cut down scholarships to Indians.
Many of the students are going for pursuing MS but it is looking of no use with day by day. Right now Americans are not getting jobs and unemployment making its home in US... So it is very obvious that why should they give jobs to Indians or any other countrymen.

Also value of MS is going down and down because of numerous reasons. Only some few faculties have value and they are getting well salaried jobs.

Best Option is to go for
Pharm.D though it's some what sumptuous but you can be Regs. as Clinical Pharmacist in US. You can also go for MBA in UK or USA. Overseas management has more demand in Indian companies or industries so it can become a golden chance.

MBA from well known institute of India is also a good alternative for making of career.
Clinical research and Drug regulatory Affairs are fields where you can earn 10 folds more than your imagine.

Pharmaceutical production is one of the good option. Though starting salary salary is less but growth is many more higher.

You have to first decide that where do you want to stay in India or America, and as per that decision you have to choose your career path. Opportunities are waiting for you, you have to just grasp it on right time.