Highest Pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions of 2019

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are perpetual part of big pharmaceutical industries and we have witnessed many such mergers and acquisitions. The financial crisis and resulting uncertainty in the global economies has made it difficult for companies to predict future performance of their own or their target’s or to forecast synergies and other transaction benefits with the same level of confidence seen in the past. As a result, acquirors and targets have developed transaction structures that are aimed at bridging gaps in their respective assessments of valuation and risk.

This article is focusing on top Pharmaceutical M&As of the year 2019.

Can India ever demolish misuse of antibiotics?

  • Posted on: 31 December 2019
  • By: admin

Antibiotic resistance (AMR) is rising to dangerously high levels in all parts of the world. New resistance mechanisms are emerging and spreading globally, threatening our ability to treat common infectious diseases. Antimicrobial Resistance is an increasingly serious threat to public health. The spread of multi-drug resistant bacteria and the lack of new antibiotics to treat infections caused by these organisms pose a rapidly increasing threat to human health which urgently needs to be tackled.

How to register as pharmacist in USA from any foreign countries including India?

United States half pharmacies are located within drug stores, grocery stores, hospitals, department stores, medical clinics, surgery clinics, universities, nursing homes, prisons, and other facilities. The remaining pharmacies are considered to be independent or privately owned. In USA, average salary of pharmacists is 99000-140000 USD per annum. It can be varied depending on many factors.

After Pharmacy which fellowship or exam is better for you?

After completion of your bachelors or masters in pharmacy, you may have a question that how to make research career? How to get research experience because in industry most of them are asking about experience candidates? How to get good salary in R&D?
If you are getting direct research opportunities in industry then there was never been a difficulty but believe me this is not always a case.

Operant Pharmacy Federation – Powered by Researchers for Emerging Innovation

Very soon we are going to see a huge gap for “right talent” in Indian pharma industry. In my view following could be the reasons and steps to be taken by industry:

1. Gender:
a. At +2 level, boys are for engineering, girls are for medicine, and those who fail to get medical seats opt for pharmacy. Hence there is an increase in trend of girls graduating out of pharmacy colleges.
b.  Most of Indians prefer their girl child to get married immediately after graduation or sometimes even when they are in their final years of course. (The latest demographic indicators provided by the health and family welfare ministry reveal that the national average age of marriage for girls was 20.6 years in 2008, up from 18.3 years in 2001.
c. After marriage probability of girl continuing higher studies or getting into job is reduced.
d. Most of recruiters have bias in considering girls as they are uncertain on when these girls leave the job for the reasons of marriage, re-location due to husband’s place of job or maternity.

TOP 10 Pharmaceutical industries using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Simply, Artificial intelligence (AI) means machine learning and behaving like humans which ultimately facilitates works of humans.

Whether you do aware or not but in the modern world, we are all surrounded by AI. There are many examples of AI which we are using (may be unknowingly) in our day to day life. For exm, social media, search engines, product recommendations, Email filters etc.