Shashi Shekhar Anand, Navgeet, Balraj Singh Gill*
Centre for Biosciences,
School of Basic and Applied Sciences,
Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, India

The word ‘epigenetic’ was first coined by Conrad Waddington in 1946. It deals with functionally relevant modifications to the genome that do not include a change in the nucleotide sequence. Till date observation has focused on the functions of genome sequences and how their regulation occurs. The emerging epigenetic changes and the interactions between cis-acting elements with protein factors  plays a central role in gene regulation as well as give insight to various diseases. To evaluate the crosstalk of DNA and protein by taking account of the whole genome, one new evolving technique which is called as ChIP-chip, works on the principle of combining chromatin immunoprecipitation with microarray. ChIP-chip has been recently used in basic biological studies and may be improved further and can be useful for other to aspects, like human diseases. Now a days large amount of discoveries by ChIP-chip and other high-throughput techniques like this   may be connected with evolving bioinformatics to add to our knowledge of life and diseases.

Ayurvedic Cosmetics

Vinay Kumar Singh
General Manager-Technical,
Mikasa Cosmetics Limited,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

To understand Ayurvedic Cosmetics one must think as to what is the synergy between Ayurveda and Cosmetics. The word ‘cosmetics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘kosmeticos’ which means skill decoration or skill in arranging in order or correcting the deformities. Cosmetics is applied topically to skin and its appendages to cleanse, decorate, beautify, alter the appearance and ultimately to enhance confidence of user.

Advance technology in skincare

Vinay Kumar Singh
General Manager-Technical,
Mikasa Cosmetics Limited, Ahmedabad

Skin care market in India is estimated to be more than Rs 7,000 crore as per Euro monitors report of 2013. Skin care is rapidly growing segment in India. Demand for skin care products will continue to rise as consumers start paying more attention to their skin. Consumers of all age groups look for benefits including wrinkle-free, smooth and glowing, and healthy skin.With changing life styles, increase in disposable incomes, greater product choice and availability, and influence of satellite television, internet, more people are taking interest in personal grooming. The facial skin care market is booming. Products are competing with one another to take shelf space in the retail stores. Facial skin care products have become an essential part of the beauty market. Like western countries, creams and potions are applied in India also, in an effort to remove the pimples and the acne, fight stress and worry lines, and to remain young..The trend is driven further by the launch of new products with additional benefits which persuades consumers to buy these brands. As a result, skin care witnessed growth by a value CAGR of 8% at constant 2013 prices.



Pranita Pradip Dharmadhikari
Department of Phrmacology,
N.D.M.V.P. College of Pharmacy, Nashik

“Pharmacy is the health profession that links the health science with the chemical science and it is charged with ensuring safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs.” That’s how the Wikipedia defines it. For a student it is a career, an ambition and of a course a learning process.

Pharmacy education in India was initiated by Medical College; Madras in 1860, the purpose was to develop pharmaceutical skills of students of medical degree or diploma course or of that pursuing hospital assistance. From 1860 to 2014 the pharmacy profession shows a tremendous growth in India, it shows that pharmacist is one of the major fraternities of health care system around the world. As a pharmacist, I must say that pharmacy is profession which benefits to the world. But certain area in pharmacy are consistently points the pharmacist as towards negative aspects. Hence it’s a pharmacist’s duty to focus on wrong practices to make a profession as boon for world.[1]



Jadhav Santosh1*, Mali Audumbar1, Tamboli Ashpak2
Department of Pharmaceutics, Sahyadri College of Pharmacy, Methwade, Sangola-413307, Solapur, Maharashtra, India1.
Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry, Sahyadri College of Pharmacy, Methwade, Sangola-413307, Solapur, Maharashtra, India2.*

Since the current Ebola Virus Disease (also referred to as Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever) outbreak began in Guinea in December of 2013, the outbreak now involves trans-mission in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. Ebola haemorrhagic fever (EHF) is a zoonosis affecting both human and non-human primates (NHP). Ebola virus (formerly officially designated Zaire Ebolavirus, or EBOV) was first seen infecting humans in African continent; especially  Sudan, Democratic Republican of Congo, Zaire and nearby countries. Fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family are considered to be the natural host of the Ebola virus. The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that this is the largest Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak ever recorded. EVD outbreaks have a case fatality rate ofup to 90%. The research is on-going on development of making vaccine to curb this virus yet licensed success or specific treatment is not achieved.



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Vishwas B. Chavan
Consultant, Sunflower laboratory and diagnostic Center and Clinical Diagnostic Center
Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Cancer incidence is increasing worldwide [1]. It can affect any part of the body, showing symptoms often in late stages. Diagnosis of cancer has a huge impact on patient and his/her family. Cancer treatments are costly and toxic, many times giving rise to secondary cancers. Even after successful treatment, risk of recurrence of cancer is significant sometimes.

Pharmaceutical Market Research and Analytics

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Almost 10 years back two major trends led to the development of ever growing analytics industry.

  • First was the development of high end computers  and smart analytics software’s (Paid as well as open source software’s
  • Increase in data being generated due to revolutions like social media, blogs, internet, social networks, computerized retail outlets etc.
  • Increasing trust of west into talent available in India which resulted in more complex, work which involves critical decision making too being outsourced to India