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  • Vocalising can Help you deal with Pain

    Screaming words such as 'ow' and 'ouch' can help you cope with pain better, scientists have found. Researchers at the National University of Singapore said that being vocal helps people tolerate pain longer as it can be a distraction. In a study 56 people were asked to put their hands in extremely cold water. They either said 'ow', heard a recording of themselves saying 'ow', heard a recording of another person saying 'ow', pressed a button or sat passively.

  • DNA Clock Can Predict Lifespan

    Scientists have identified a biological clock that provides vital clues about how long a person is likely to live. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with scientists in Australia and the US, studied chemical changes to DNA that take place over a lifetime. When researchers compared individuals' actual ages with their predicted biological clock age, a pattern emerged.

  • Smoking may cause Loss of Y Chromosome

    Smoking can cause loss of the Y chromosome in blood cells, which may put male smokers at a greater risk of cancer, a new study has found. Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden found an association between smoking and loss of the Y chromosome in blood cells. Loss of the Y chromosome was more common in heavy smokers compared to moderate smokers, the study found. Since only men have the Y chromosome, these results might explain why smoking is a greater risk factor for cancer among men and, in the broader perspective, also why men in general have a shorter life expectancy, researchers said.

  • Targeting 'Hot Zones' may stop spread of HIV in Africa

    A new strategy that focuses on targeting "hot zones" - areas where the risk of HIV infection is much higher than the national average - can help stop the spread of the virus in Africa, scientists say. Globally, more than 34 million people are infected with HIV; in sub-Saharan Africa alone, 3 million new infections occur annually. In an attempt to stop the spread of HIV, governments in the region are considering providing antiretroviral drugs to people who do not have the virus but are at risk for becoming infected, researchers said. Such drugs are known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP.

  • Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Honoured by Federation University Australia

    (Business Wire India); Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairperson of Asia's premier biopharmaceutical enterprise Biocon Ltd., has been honoured by Federation University Australia (Fed Uni) by dedicating a road at the University’s Mt Helen Campus to her as ‘Mazumdar Drive’. She has also been appointed as an Ambassador of the University for a three-year term.

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