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  • Novocure's Optune: A big hope for patients with recurrent glioblastoma

    Glioblastomas (GBM) are tumors that arise from astrocytes—the star-shaped cells that make up the “glue-like,” or supportive tissue of the brain. These tumors are usually highly malignant (cancerous) because the cells reproduce quickly and they are supported by a large network of blood vessels  Approximately 10,000 patients diagnosed each year in the US and approximately 1,600 patients diagnosed each year in Japan.

  • Barcodes on mono-cartons: a boon or bane?

    To ensure medicines sold in the country are genuine products, the health ministry has developed a 'Track and Trace' mechanism which will enable consumers to check safety and authenticity of a drug through the internet. Barcode helps in tracking and tracing origin of drugs, which minimises the chances of genuine medicines being considered spurious, sub-standard or counterfeit. The Pharmaceutical  exporters keep demand in front of Union commerce ministry to exempt barcodes on mono cartons as a secondary level packaging on pharmaceuticals and drugs  export consignment  which is to be implemented from April 1, 2015 for tracing and tracking purposes.

  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories to acquire select portfolio of UCB in India

    Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a select portfolio of the established products business of UCB, in the territories of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives. The acquired business is being sold on a slump sale basis. The transaction includes approximately 350 employees engaged in operations of the India Business. The revenues of the acquired business is approximately INR 150 Crores for calendar year 2014.

  • Global homoeopathy foundation developed new homoeopathic drug for TB

    The reappearance of tuberculosis and the rush of multidrug-resistant clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis have reaffirmed tuberculosis as a key public health concern. Researchers from Global Homoeopathy Foundation (GHF) in collaboration with along with the Mumbai-based Haffkine Institute have developed a new homoeopathic drug for TB patients.

  • Strict regulations on India’s Food And Drug Firms: FDA

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is insisting the regulations in this regard are strictly followed. This ensures the products that come into the US are of the highest quality, have safety built into them and are effective. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is increasing the frequency of inspections in India.

  • No evidence of accelerated Ebola Virus Evolution in West Africa: NIH

    The Ebola virus circulating in humans in West Africa is undergoing relatively few mutations, none of which suggest that it is becoming more severe or transmissible, according to a National Institutes of Health study in Science. The study compares virus sequencing data from samples taken from patients in Guinea (March 2014), Sierra Leone (June 2014) and Mali (November 2014).

  • PAREXEL announces Execution of Definitive Agreement to Acquire Quantum Solutions India, Strengthening Leadership In Pharmacovigilance Services-

    PAREXEL International Corporation, a global clinical research organization, announced today that the Company has signed a definitive agreement to acquire all of the business assets of privately-owned Quantum Solutions India (QSI), a leading provider of specialized pharmacovigilance services, based in Chandigarh, India.  Pharmacovigilance refers to the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products.  The acquisition is expected to close in early April of 2015, subject to the satisfaction of closing conditions.

  • Novo Nordisk to launch Novoeight® in the United States for People With Hemophilia A

    Novo Nordisk today announced the company will launch Novoeight® (Antihemophilic Factor [Recombinant]) in the United States for people living with hemophilia A. Novoeight® offers purity, reliability, and enhanced portability, with the highest storage temperature for the longest period of time compared with other marketed recombinant Factor VIII products—up to 86 degrees F for 12 months. It can be kept at that temperature for up to 4 hours after reconstitution, giving it the longest postreconstitution storage time. Novoeight® offers purity through a 5-step purification process. It was shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials with zero inhibitors confirmed in 213 previously treated patients with hemophilia A. Novo Nordisk plans to make Novoeight® available by mid-April 2015.

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