Roche's new DNA sequencer opens innovation in genomic research

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Roche Diagnostics has announced the Asia Pacific launch of the GS Junior System, the company’s new next-generation DNA sequencing platform for life science research. The GS Junior System, developed by 454 Life Sciences, a Roche company, provides an integrated sequencing and bioinformatics solution, all in a size that is no bigger than a typical desktop laser printer. Due to its size, efficiency and price competitiveness, thousands of small and medium sized research laboratories worldwide will now have access to state-of-the-art sequencing capabilities at an affordable price.

The GS Junior System offers solutions for DNA sequencing in nearly every field of biological research including human population genetics, agricultural and environmental genomics and particularly for research in the area of human health. The system is suited for research labs that require targeted sequencing of genomic regions associated with diseases such as diabetes and cancer, whole microbial genome sequencing, metagenomic analysis, as well as novel pathogen detection. That technology also offers significant advantages over current standards in many areas of medical research, such as in tissue matching for transplantation and HIV drug resistance detection

“The GS Junior System represents a leap forward in biological research capabilities. I understand that users of this new instrument will get to enjoy the long-read sequencing capabilities of the bigger GS FLX System, but with the bonus of having it tuned to their own individual needs. This means researchers can now move quickly from DNA processing to discovery and also have overnight sequencing and data processing in a cost effective way. We are gearing up for greater clinical discoveries including from countries in Asia with this new system,” said Dr. Roger Paredes, MD, PhD of HIV Unit and IrsiCaixa Retrovirology Laboratory, Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol, in Badalona, Spain.

“Roche has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions in both life science research and diagnostics. With its fast turn around time and high sensitivity we expect the new GS Junior System to provide significant medical value in future diagnostic applications. Placing the GS Junior System in the hands of researchers in Asia will help to expand our knowledge of the genetic causes and molecular basis of diseases thereby contributing to the development of personalized healthcare,” said Mr. Daniel O’Day, Chief Operating Officer of Roche Diagnostics.

DNA sequencing is a large growth opportunity, particularly in the areas of oncology where elucidation of new mutations and gene rearrangements offer greater insights into disease mechanisms and potential areas for drug discovery. Currently, the global sequencing business is worth over USD 865 million dollars, with substantial double-digit growth expected for the next several years.

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