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More than 90 percent students of passed Australian Pharmacy Council KAPS examination


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More than 90 percent students of passed Australian Pharmacy Council KAPS examination is delighted to announce that more than 93% of its students have successfully passed the Australian Pharmacy Council KAPS examination on their first attempt. The team is extremely proud of its students' achievements and feels honored to have them as a part of its academic community.

The team believes that its commitment to detail, experienced and qualified faculties, comprehensive study materials, including detailed handouts, mocks, and online live classes, has been the key to the students' success.

The experienced and qualified faculties at provide personalized support and guidance to the students throughout their preparation. They offer comprehensive study programs that cover all the crucial topics, concepts, and exam strategies required for success in the KAPS exam. provides detailed handouts and study materials, including online mocks, that simulate the actual KAPS exam environment. This gives the students a competitive edge in the exam. The online live classes enable students to interact with their instructors and peers, providing a collaborative learning experience that fosters an inclusive community.

The team's attention to detail and commitment to excellence has paid off with a 93%+ success rate for its students, making it one of the leading providers of KAPS exam preparation in the industry.

As its alumni embark on their professional journeys as registered pharmacists in Australia, the team at is confident that they will continue to excel in their professional pursuits and make valuable contributions to the field of pharmacy. looks forward to welcoming all its alumni to Australia, where they can celebrate their success and catch up on all the latest news. The team at congratulates all its graduates and thanks them for making the institution proud!