NPPA failed to set price for Coronary Stents

  • Posted on: 5 January 2017
  • By: PharmaTutor News

Pharma Admission

pharma admission


National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) is not in a position to set ceiling price of Coronary Stents due to lack of data and difference in stent pricing. Though NPPA notified that they have initiated the exercise of determination of ceiling price of Coronary Stents after they received notice from department of pharmaceuticals.

Unlike other scheduled drugs, the market data of PTR is not being captured by AIOCD (Pharmatrac) because of the different nature of trade route in case of Coronary Stents where hospitals/nursing homes are acting as de-facto 'Retailers', as per NPPA.

As per current scenario, NPPA has complied price related relevant data from different sources but not in a position as of now to upload draft 'provisional price'.


Inspite of that, NPPA has suggested various formulas, to stakeholders, for price calculation of ceiling price of Coronary Stents which they will be put up to Authority in imminent time.

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