Nadda for focused research to strengthen healthcare sector

  • Posted on: 8 February 2015
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Union Health Minister J P Nadda stressed upon the need for a focused academic research for strengthening the sector and providing “accessible and affordable” healthcare especially for the needy.

“Focussed academic research can go a long way in strengthening the health sector and provide solutions to many challenges facing the country in providing accessible and affordable health care to all particularly the needy and vulnerable,” Nadda said. While speaking during the H3C Health Sciences Innovation Conference with the theme “H3C: Health - Care, Career and Commerce” in Mumbai, Nadda said that IT can play a crucial role as an enabler to address several critical issues in the country’s health sector. Echoing the sentiments of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Nadda emphasised the need for paying attention to “skill, scale and speed” while developing solutions to health issues. “Skill is not a static process.

It is continuous and succeeds with constant updation and sharing. Academic exercises such as this conference form a crucial element towards skill development and enhancement,” he said.

Nadda also stressed the need for a balance between quality and quantity when providing health services and said . quality cannot be allowed to suffer to take care of the numbers. The Health Minister assured political commitment towards all health issues in the country and towards any collaboration with academic bodies that seek to work in the health sector. He also commended the collaboration between the Ohio State University and AIIMS in New Delhi in the field of regenerative medicine. The country’s first Regenerative Medicine Center at AIIMS has been launched recently in partnership with the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Cell Based Therapies (CRMCBT) at The Ohio State University. PTI

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