Merck relaunches its brand identity

  • Posted on: 16 October 2015
  • By: Shalini.Sharma

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Merck, a leading science and technology company relaunch its brand identity. It will introduce  new logo reflect the transformation into a global science and technology company. Outside the United States and Canada, the company will operate uniformly as Merck.

With the introduction of the new brand design, the previously independent divisional brands, Merck Serono and Merck Millipore will be eliminated. Merck holds the rights to the Merck name and brand globally. The only exceptions are the United States and Canada. The company will therefore continue to operate in these two countries as EMD Serono in the biopharmaceutical business, as EMD Performance Materials in the high-tech materials business, as well as EMD Millipore in the life science business up until the planned acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich has been completed.
In the future, Merck Serono will operate as the biopharmaceutical business of Merck, and Merck Millipore as the life science business of Merck.

The investment in the Merck brand is part of the "Fit for 2018" strategic transformation and growth programme, which includes the focus on innovative, technology-driven businesses as well as the modernization and expansion of global headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany.
Merck's visual image is fundamentally new. It is based on the concept of a vibrant science and technology company, and is inspired by the colorful and multifaceted shapes seen under a microscope. The new Merck design features expressive colors and shapes with a scientific look-and-feel.

In addition, the new corporate design is to create a strong visual link to the Merck businesses in the United States and Canada. For this reason, the company is also introducing a striking, multi-colored "M" in addition to the Merck logo. It is to indicate the membership of businesses and products to the Merck Group, independent of company names or regions.

Merck was supported by FutureBrand, a leading brand agency that advises Bentley and Nespresso, among others, and also worked on the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

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