Significant finding by ICMR on radiations emitted from mobile phone and mobile phone tower

  • Posted on: 6 August 2014
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(6th August, 2014); Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) have initiated a multi-disciplinary cohort study in Delhi and national capital region to find out adverse effects of Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR), if any, emitted from cell phone on adult Indian population.

WHO/International agency for research on cancer has classified radio frequency electromagnetic field as possible carcinogenic agent to humans. The growing body of scientific evidences indicates some bio-effects and possible adverse health effects of Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR).

They examined on whether use of cell phone is associated with reproductive dysfunctions, infertility, neurological disorders (cognitive behaviour, sleep related disorders, depression etc.), cardiovascular disorders, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) disorders and promote cancer, if any in human volunteers.

Significant finding of the studies reported cytogenetic damage in tissues of some individuals using cell phone over a period of time is seen. An animal study indicated significant reduction in testicular size, weight and in sperm counts after chronic exposure to RFR imitated from cell phone which may lead to infertility. Headache, dizziness, numbness in the thigh, and heaviness in the chest among mobile phone users are also noted.

A study reported that long term and intensive mobile phone use may cause inner ear damage. It is also reported in increase in peak heart rat, serum total cholesterol, VLDL cholesterol and triglycerides concentration in acute RFR exposed male students in comparison to control students.

Microwave radiation caused an increase in erythrocyte and leukocyte counts, a significant DNA strand break in brain cells and the loss of spatial memory in mice. It is reported that microwave exposure adversely affects male fertility.

A study indicated that a reduction in melatonin or an increase in caspase-3, creatine kinase, and calcium ion may cause significant damage in rat brain due to chronic exposure of microwave radiations. These biomarkers indicate possible health implications of such exposures.

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