Government step up to improve the quality of pharmacy education in the country

  • Posted on: 1 August 2014
  • By: PharmaTutor News

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pharma courses

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(1st August, 2014); There are total 968 pharmacy degree institutions (as per section 12) in India as per government updated list of May 2014 with 65,415 seats. And government is working to improve the quality of pharmacy education in India.

Government announced a sum of Rs. 824.30 crores, 12th five year plan, for setting up of pharmacy colleges in Government Medical Colleges. And if an institution applies, it has also been considered to increase admission capacity from 60 to 100 students in degree course in pharmacy. These steps are taken to arise the number of pharmacy degree colleges in the country.

As per Health Minister's report on lok sabha, introduction of Pharm.D. course lays stress on pharmacy practice, explores the role of pharmacists, professionalism, dispensing, health of the individual and health care in our society. He also outlined goal of M.Pharm program and its importance to produce professionally competent pharmacists’ work force.

B.Pharm Regulations has been drafted with emphasis on quality assurance, validation procedures regarding quality of equipment and techniques, good manufacturing practices, good pharmacy practices etc. to produce a competent work force for the country for effective delivery of health care services.

In order to raise the quality of education in the country, it has been proposed to upgrade the minimum registrable qualification from diploma to degree in pharmacy. However, presently the Education Regulations, 1991 for the Diploma Course in Pharmacy are under revision.

Government also proposed “Minimum Qualification for Teachers in Pharmacy Institutions Regulations” to regulate qualification and experience of teaching staff in pharmacy

In order to update the knowledge of pharmacists in line with the advancements in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, financial support to the State Pharmacy Councils for conducting Continuing Education Programmes in the country is extended. The Government is also in the process of framing the training modules for pharmacy teachers to train the trainers for effective implementation of course curriculum to raise the standards of pharmaceutical education in the country.

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