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Guidelines for scheme of Visiting Professor, Visiting Fellow in universities

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In the year 1925, the Setalvad Committee on the University Reform in the Province of Bombay published their report. The Committee recommended the idea of regional Universities in the Province of Bombay, stressed the importance of more direct teaching, at least as far as the post-graduate teaching by the Universities was concerned, and stressed the need for paying for greater attention to the study of technology and carrying on research in the various branches of knowledge. The Committee, through it proposed the idea of having regional Universities into which the province could be divided viz., Maharastra, Gujarat, Karnatak and Sind, recommended that a University for only one region viz.Maharastra be established, at an early date.

Post: Visiting Professor, Visiting Fellow


a. Visiting Professor :-
1. A Visiting Professor should be an eminent scholar in his / her field. Generally a person who has held or is holding the post of Professor or a person, who has achieved distinction outside the university sector, should be considered for appointment of Visiting Professor.
2. The maximum tenure of appointment of Visiting Professor is Two years and the minimum not less than three months. The University may appoint a person up to the age of 70 years as a Visiting Professor.
3. A Professor should not be appointed as a Visiting Professor in the same university in which he / she holds a post immediately before or after superannuation.
4. If a superannuated person is appointed as a Visiting Professor, the honorarium payable should not exceed Rs. 15,000/- p.m. excluding any superannuation benefits.
5. A person appointed as Visiting Professor from outside the country may be paid an honorarium of upto Rs. 20,000/- p.m.
6. In case a person, already serving in an Indian University is appointed as Visiting Professor, the honorarium payable should be determined on the basis of salary plus 10% of the basic pay plus dearness allowance, and other allowances, if any admissible (except conveyance allowance if any) as per the rates of the parent university. The receiving university would also contribute towards pensionary benefits or CPF / GPF as per usual rules.
7. It is excepted that when a serving person is appointed as Visiting Professor the parent university would give him / her duty leave without pay.
8. If a person working abroad on a permanent basis is invited as a Visiting Professor, the University may meet the cost of international air travel from its own resources. Visiting Professors appointed may be paid travel expenses within India in accordance with the rules of the university.
9. Guest House accommodation is expected to be provided free of charge by the host university but food charges would be paid for by the Visiting Professor.

b. Visiting Fellow :-
1. A Visiting Fellow should be a scholar of eminence in his / her subject. Superannuated persons upto the age of 70 years may also be considered for appointment as Visiting Fellow. The minimum tenure of a Visiting Fellow should not be less than a week and maximum upto three months.
2. The Visiting Fellow may be paid daily allowance not exceeding Rs. 600/- per day for visits upto one month. For visits beyond one month, the rate may be as in the case of Visiting Professor.
3. Travel expenses be met in accordance with the rules of the university.
4. It is expected that the parent institution will grant academic leave with pay and usual allowance for the duration of the appointment as Visiting Fellow.
5. The Host University would provide accommodation to the Visiting Fellow in the University Guest House free of charge but the food charges would be paid by the Visiting Fellow.
6. The same person may not be invited as Visiting Fellow more than once in a year in the same University but the period of three months can be split up as desired by the University within the period of one year.

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