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National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) was founded by Sir Robert McCarrison in the year 1918 as ‘Beri-Beri’ Enquiry Unit in a single room laboratory at the Pasteur Institute, Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. Within a short span of seven years, this unit blossomed into a "Deficiency Disease Enquiry" and later in 1928, emerged as full-fledged "Nutrition Research Laboratories" (NRL) with Dr.

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i3 is a full-service Clinical Research Organization (CRO) focused on five therapeutic areas: Oncology; Cardiology; The Central Nervous System; Respiratory and Infectious Diseases; and Endocrinology and Metabolic diseases. Therapeutic specialization drives all aspects of business in this global CRO - from project staffing and talent management to quality initiatives.
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HUNTINGTON’S DISEASE- No Panacea (Cure) yet!

About Authors:
V. Ravi Chandra
Research Associate
B.Pharmacy from Priyadarshini College of pharmacy,
Osmania University,
Hyderabad, AP, INDIA

Huntington's disease is an intricate illness. It is a neurodegenerative, insidious disorder-which means it is harmful and fatal but gradually. The onset of the disease is very late to diagnose the disease. Huntington's disease (HD) also called as ‘Huntington’s Chorea’. Chorea means dance in Greek, which is aftereffect of genetically programmed degeneration of brain cells, called neurons, in certain areas of the brain. This degeneration causes uncontrolled movements, loss of intellectual faculties, and emotional disturbance. By choreic movement physically we can diagnose HD. HD is also a familial disease, passed from parent to child through a mutation in the normal gene. Attempts to study early disease are not unique in neurology (e.g., mild cognitive impairment and vascular cognitive impairment), but studying otherwise healthy-appearing individuals who have nearly 99% certainty of manifesting the symptoms of brain disease does provide distinct but valuable information about the true natural history of the disease. A genetic test, coupled with a complete medical history and neurological and laboratory tests, helps physicians diagnose HD. Presymptomic testing is available for individuals who are at risk for carrying the HD gene. HD occurs in about one out of every 10,000 Caucasian individuals. In India, the cases are unknown because of failure of doctors to diagnose HD as they never seen HD in their practice. Approximately 2.5 times more individuals are at risk for the disorder because of the midlife peak in age at onset.

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NEEDS PHARMA, We would like to introduce ourselves a WHO - GMP certified manufacturing unit from INDIA willing to turn the milestone in Pharmaceutical era.
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PAREXEL has supported the Bio-Tech and Pharmaceutical industries in helping the development of new drugs and treatments on a global basis. As a leading global biopharmaceutical service provider, they supply knowledge-based contract research, medical communications and consulting services across a broad range of therapeutic areas to the worldwide pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

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At Apollo Health Street, we have a strong tradition and belief that personal satisfaction comes from playing an integral part in an organization. In short, we believe in empowered associates. That’s why we are always looking to build our team of healthcare experts who are uniquely passionate about helping healthcare organizations achieve their True Return.