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Publication writing essentially means tailoring of clinical and scientific data and information for publication in public domain targeting specific audience. This involves development of articles for publication in a journal, an abstract or poster for presentation in symposium/conference. The article for publication in the journal could either be a review of literature, a clinical trial data publication, research data, a report or any brief communication related to a specific topic.Additionally, publication planning for a particular pharmaceutical company is also a part of publication writing.

Publication writing is a creative profession. A good publication writer should be equipped with immense analytical capabilities in addition to attention to details, ability to understand various topics andimpressive writing skills in English.  The writer should be experienced in literature search and should have the aptitude for understanding various medical terminologies along with a strong skill to work on various topics for various target groups. In addition to this, the basic software skills will be an added advantage. He/She should be able to work independently across the team. The publication writer must have the good communicate skills and should be able to interact effectively with the client and the team members.

The publication writer will be involved in providing publication plan for the client, developing manuscripts for journal or abstracts for conference from raw or analyzed data, clinical trial data or protocol.

Candidates with Post Graduate Degree in Life- Sciences, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biotechnology with Ph.D. or MBBS/BDS with MD/MDS are eligible to be a publication writer. Individual should have good communication skills in English with the knowledge of basic software skills.A previous experience in the field of manuscript development for journals and abstract development for conferences will be an added advantage.

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