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Nitazoxanide: A Review of Analytical Methods

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PharmaTutor (September - 2017)


ISSN: 2347 - 7881
(Volume 5, Issue 9)


Received On: 02/05/2017; Accepted On: 12/05/2017; Published On: 01/09/2017


Bhushan M. Firake1*, Ranjini Chettiar1, Tejal B. Firake2
1 Depertment of Pharmaceutical Analysis,
JSPM’s Jayawantrao Sawant College of Pharmacy & Research, Hadapar, Pune, Maharashtra, India
2 Dignus Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Camp, Pune, Maharashtra, India



Nitazoxanide is an antiprotozoal and anthelmintic agent, which is mostly used in the treatment and prevention of wide variety of protozoa, helminthes and gram negative organisms.  This article studies published analytical techniques that are reported so far for the determination of nitazoxanide in bulk, pharmaceutical formulation and biological samples. They include various techniques like spectrophotometry, electrochemical methods, capillary electrophoresis, high performance liquid chromatography, high performance thin layer chromatography, and liquid chromatography-mass spectrophotometry.



How to cite this article: Firake BM, Chettiar R, Firake TB;Nitazoxanide: A Review of Analytical Methods; PharmaTutor; 2017; 5(9);61-68



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