Indole Based Alkaloid in Cancer: An Overview

  • Posted on: 15 January 2014
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PharmaTutor (January- 2014)
ISSN: 2347 - 7881


Received On: 01/12/2013; Accepted On: 22/12/2013; Published On: 15/01/2014


About Authors: Ramit Singla1, Arvind Negi2*, Virendra Singh2
1Centre for Chemical and pharmaceutical sciences,
Central university of Punjab, Bathinda, India
2Department of Chemistry, National institute of technology, Jalandhar, India


ABSTRACT: Indole alkaloids are well characterized for diverse activities. Meanwhile, the present scenario of disease depicting a different story, urge a call for novel scaffolds and pharmacophores. In recent years, indole based alkaloids gain significant importance in cancer chemotherapy and used as an adjuvant especially in case of Vinca alkaloids. These reports encourage the researchers for new finding related to indole based alkaloids to retrieve better scaffold for designing and synthesis of anticancer agents. However we tried to compile the literatures which cover the recent reports and updates of indole based alkaloids targeting in cancer. Moreover this review paper brings new dimension and interface between the indole based alkaloids and their valuable commitment towards cancer targeting.


How to cite this article: A Negi, R Singla, V Singh, Indole Based Alkaloid in Cancer: An Overview, PharmaTutor, 2014, 2(1), 76-82