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NIPER question papers


Clinical courses


Clinical research courses




1. Which is cytotoxic from following marine? (bryostatin)
2. To avoid crystallization of syrup which substance is added? (polyhydric alcohols)
3. Particle size of fluid energy mill is? (1-30micrometer)
4. Use of Gallic acid? (Antioxidant)
5. HLB of o/w emulsion. (3-8)
6. Range of Visible light? (400-800nm options were in micro so read questions carefully
before attaining )
7. Source of IR (Nerst glower)
8. Hydrogen bonding determined by which method? (Raman)
9. Most intense peak in MASS spectra? (Base peak)
10. How to determine non-UV active structure? (derivatization)
11. Energy comparison of UV, IR n NMR. Means put them in ascending order of their energies.
(NMR least<IR<UV highest)
12. Reference standard used in NMR? (TMS)
13. In IR calibration which substance is used? (Air)
14. What does RS means in IP? (Reference standard)
15. Sparingly soluble? (30 to 100 parts)
16. Cough is S/E of? (captopril)
17. Capsule '000' size capacity?
18. Green bones are made up of which type of gelatin? (type B)
19. Vehicle used in SGC?
20. Which property not related to polymorphism? (chemical assay)
21. Ostwald ripening is related with? (suspension)
22. Osmotic pressure of blood is?
23. Duration of nasal delivery
24. Duration of mucoadhesive delivery
25. Largest cotton producing country
26. Free trade port in India? (Kandla)
27. Amoebiasis is caused by? (E.histolytica)
28. In clock 12'o clock is north east then at 1:30pm what would be direction? (East)
29. In monosubstituted cyclohexane which structure will be stable?
30. Stereochemistry of Alanine
31. Linkage in amylase
32. Teratogenic vitamin? (A)
33. In cyclic carbohydrates stereochemistry is known as? (anomer)
34. Propranolol is contraindicated in? (Asthma)
35. Highest first pass metabolism of following?
a. propranolol (ans) b. digoxin c. Phenobarbital d. phenytoin
36. Which of this is cardiotoxic (Adriamycin)
37. M/A of paclitaxol is?
38. Therapeutic index denotes (Margin of safety)
39. Selective ï ¡ 1 blocker is? (Prazosin)
40. Activity of receptor (drug selectivity and selective antagonist action of drug)
41. Receptors are made up of? (protein)
42. Cytokinins are?
43. Morphine act through ï receptor.
44. Nicotinic receptor work through which messenger system?
45. Example of Neurodegenerative disorder. (Alzheimer's Disease)
46. Action of Ach? (Hastens G.I. emptying)
47. Name of Indian Ginseng? (Withania Somnifera)
48. Father of Chemotherapy? (Paul Ehrlich)
49. Out of following which is not containing bacteria?
a. Soil b. Ice c. Dust d. Blood (ans) (blood is sterile unless infected)
50. Drug approved by US FDA for alopecia? (Minoxidil)

51. Drug interaction is hazardous of following? (terfinadin + erythromycin)
52. Which of following cause cardiac arrhythmia? (terfinadin)
53. ï ¢2 selective(salbutamol)
54. Cerebral Malaria (quinine)
55. Which malaria is deadly? (P. falciperum)
56. Use of Primaquine is? (choloroquine resistant P. falciperum)
57. Tamoxifen used in breast cancer act as? (estrogen antagonist)
58. Metallic elements detected by? (AAS)
59. Enthalpy is measure of?
60. Luminescence, fluorescence and phosphorescence is a type of? (Emission spectroscopy)
61. Rate Kinetic deals with? (order, molecularity and conc of reactant)
62. In exothermic process increase in temp indicate what?
a. Reactant is more b. product yield is more(ans) c. Rxn stopped d. equilibrium
63. Cough syrup mostly contains which alkaloid? (Codeine)
64. Terpenoid are obtained from which biosynthetic pathway?
65. In diosgenin which ring is present?
66. In triterpenoid how many isoprene units are present? (6)
67. In dipeptide bond how many amino acids are present? (3)
68. Which of following contain chromosome or DNA?
a. mitochondria (ans) b. ER c. Golgibody d. cytoplasm
69. t-RNA function
70. Inhibition of mammalian gene expression is at the level of?
71. IPEC deals with?
a. Excepient (ans) b. US FDA c. GMP d. GLP (International Pharmaceutical Excipient Council)
72. ABC analysis deals with? (Inventory control)
73. Phase- IV deals with?
74. IND is for? (filling of NCE New Chemical Entity now changed to NME New Molecule Entity as biomolecules are not considered as chemical)
75. Minimum velocity required for laminar air flow unit? (100)
76. Cardiac Ca++ channel blocker? (nifedipine)
77. Ca++ channel use which type of messenger system?
78. Fill in the gap: stu_ _ st _ _ ws _ _ vw (vwuvtu)
79. Which of following is endothermic?
a. Adsorption b. crystallization c. vaporization d. all
80. Betaine structure (Refer Wittig reaction)
81. Structure of nifedipine.
82. Stereochemistry in biphenyl
83. How to determine unsaturation? (bromination,hydrogenation,ozonolysis)
84. NMR signal obtained in 1,4- dioxane (1 peak)
85. Reaction occurring in ethane? (E1 )
86. Tomato red pigment is due to? (Lycopene)
87. Insulin act on which cells? (Beta)
88. PG released by (COX-II)
89. Aspirin is? (Irreversible COX inhibitor)
90. Phenytoin used in? Digitalis induced arrhythmia)
91. Serotonin is neurotransmitter
92. Alcohol dehydrogenase converts (ethanol to acetaldehyde)
93. Major product obtained from purine metabolism is? (Uric acid)
94. Saffron cultivated in (Jammu n Kashmir)
95. Benzyl alcohol 1% is used as Preservative
96. Cetyl ether of Polyethylene glycon is known as? (Cetomacrogol)
97. Detector used in spectrophotometer? (Photo multiplier tube)
98. Living organisms are detected by? (Dark field microscopy)
99. Which of following is not static? (Flash dryer)
100. Rifampicin used not only in TB but also in? (Leprosy)