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01. Immunoglobulin is? (2 light, 2 heavy, disulfide)
02. Which of following not causing enzyme induction? (Sulfonamide)
03. Detector used in IR? (Thermocouple)
04. Function of microvilli is? (Increase surface area)
05. pH of 0.005M HCL?
06. pH of pKa 5.4 is?
07. IR range of CO (acid chloride)
08. Neostigmin does not cross BBB? (Polar)
09. Drugs which cross BBB are? (lipophilic drugs)
10. Which is most commonly used HPLC? (Reverse Phase)
11. Phenolphthalein is? (Acid base indicator)
12. Drug assayed by acid-base back titration? (Aspirin)
13. Which of following is titrated using strong base? (Refer IP for titrations, this can be considered as important)
14. Amiloride and Spiranolactone differs in?
15. Statin mechanism? (Reduce cholesterol)
16. Which of following is not related with enalapril (It is not an AT1 antagonist)
17. Equation of Angle of Repose.
18. Character of liposome is?
19. Eye drops and parentral differ in?
20. Colchicines is used in Gout.
21. Omeprazole act by?
22. Muscarinic antagonist used in ulcer.
23. Most commonly used in PD? (L-dopa)
24. Dopamine agonist used in PD. (Bromocryptine)
25. Which of this is not acting on nuclear receptor? (Amino acid trypsin)
26. Nucleus present in coumarin.
27. Which of following is used in vascular disorder? (Ginko biloba)
28. Podophyllotoxin is? (Lignan)
29. Bacterial cell wall consists of? (Heteropolysaccharide)
30. In indole biosynthesis which AA is used? (Typtophan)
31. Sugar in protein preparation act as? (cryoprotective)
32. Non aq. Binder
33. Flow of genetic information (DNA to RNA to Protein)
34. Iodine Value
35. SDS-PAGE is used for? (Protein)
36. Yield calculation of synthesis.
37. Thermal assay (DSC)
38. Auxochrome function.
39. Supreme commander? (President)
40. Vant Hoff equation
41. Nitrites? (Vasodilation)
42. CH3 F (deshielded so downfield)
43. Expiry date determined by use of drug along with container.
44. Which is most permeable to moisture? (Polyethylene)
45. Accelerated stability study is done at what temp n RH?
46. Dose required for intradermal delivery.
47. Aim of welfare state.
48. Solubilsation is based on (Stereochemistry)
49. Circular diachronism spectroscopy is used for? (Optically active compound)
50. Simple and compound interest calculation.
51. Digitalis acts by Na+ / K+ ATPase Pump
52. Syphilis is caused by?
53. Acetazolamide? (Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor)
54. Unit of delta(ppm)
56. HIV is caused by? (Virus)
Apart from this is contains many mathematical calculations, synonyms, antonyms and acronyms.

(And same paper is their for MBA and MS)

Note: In form they provide one option for sponsor seat do tick that option it do not require any industrial recommendation but it is one sort of payment seat. If you don't tick that option you will not be eligible for taking admission in payment seat.

Few useful acronyms.
1. CPCSEA- Committee for Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experimental Animals.
2. IAEC- Institutional Animal Ethics Committee
3. BEA-Breeding for Experimental Animals
4. SDS-PAGESodium Dodecyl Sulfate- Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
5. NME- New Molecular Entity
6. NCE- New Chemical Entity
7. GRAS- Generally Accepted As Safe
8. ANDA- Abbrevated New Drug Application (Generic filling)
9. IIG- Inactive Ingredient Guide

Note: Answers given in bracket is best of the options given. It might not be the most appropriate answer for that question. And don't rely on answer completely we have wrote what we were able to remember so please do check textbooks.


flow injection system in HPLC?
fingerpoint region in IR?
trance stilbens?
alfa and beta d-glucose structure?
most suitable diluent for controlled releae/
solvents in reverse phase chromatography?
RNA and DNA str?
reverse transcriptase enzyme?
chloroquin used in ..?
artemisin ?
kaalfischer titration?
alkaloid which is not therapeutical active?
configuration of ephedrine/
endogenous anticoagulant?
what happend in type 2 daibetes?
afficacy and affinity?
What is nitric oxide?
type of Ca++ present in heart?
Action of dopimine?
antagonist of levodopa?
First law of thermodinamicss/
cubic nature of NACl?
mechanism of adaptogen/
UV calculation
mass calculation of fragments?
rimer-timen reaction.
Find distereomers?
route of administration?
gingival hyperplasia is a side effect of?
isoprene unit of FPP?
analytical technique of noble druges?
stop codon?