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Pharma courses

pharma courses

Q.121   S.O.S means which one of the followings?
(A)   Take occasionally    (B)   Take immediately
(C)   Take when necessary    (D)   Take as directed

Q.122  Which of the followings is NOT a reciprocating pump?
(A)   Plunger pump    (B)   Diaphragm pump
(C)   Gear pump        (D)   Piston pump

Q.123 Hydrogen peroxide solution (20 volumes) is used topically as a mild antiseptic. It is mainly used for cleaning of wounds which csold be due to some of the following actions of hydrogen peroxide.
[P] Astringent action    [Q] Nascent hydrogen releasing action
[R] Oxidizing action    [S]  Mechanical cleansing action
Choose the correct statements- for the use of hydrogen peroxide as cleaning agent for wounds?
(A)   P&R    (B)   P&Q    (C)   R&Q    (D)   R & S

Q.124 Boric acid is a weak acid (pKa 9.19) which cannot be titrated with a standard solution of sodium hydroxide using phenolphthalein as indicator. This titration becomes possible on addition of glycerol due to one of the following reactions. Choose the correct reaction?
(A)Boric acid becomes boronic acid on reaction with glycerol
(B) Boric acid gives a monoprotic tetravalent boron ester with glycerol
(C) Boric acid gives a tribasic acid on reaction with glycerol
(D)Two boric acid molecules combine to give an anhydride in presence of glycerol

Q.125  A tooth paste contains stannous fluoride and calcium pyrophosphate along with other formulation constituents. Choose the correct statement out of the followings?
(A)   Stannous fluoride is an anticaries agent while calcium pyrophosphate is a dentifrice
(B)    Stannous fluoride is a dentifrice while calcium pyrophosphate is a desensitizing agent
(C)    Stannous fluoride is a desensitizing agent while calcium pyrophosphate is an anticaries agent
(D)    Both are dentifrices while calcium pyrophosphate is additionally a desensitizing agent

Q.126 Magnesium trisilicate is considered to be a better antacid than aluminium hydroxide due to its following additional properties:
[P] It has a fixed chemical composition
[Q] It forms colloidal silicone dioxide
[R] Magnesium ions overcome constipation
[S] Magnesium ions cause higher inhibition of pepsin than aluminium ions Choose the correct combination of statements?
(A)   Q&S    (B)   R&S    (C)   P&Q    (D)   Q&R

Q.127 An iron compound used as heamatinic agent must meet two requirements i.e. it should be biologically available and be non-irritating. Which one of the following compounds meet the above two requirements most closely?
(A)   Ferric chloride    (B)   Ferric ammonium sulphate
(C)   Ferric ammonium citrate    (D)   Ferrous thioglycollate

Q.128   Diels-Alder reaction can be earned out in which of the following heterocyclic compounds most readily?
(A)   Pyrrole    (B)   Thiophene    (C)   Furan    (D)   Pyridine

Q.129  Determine the correctness or otherwise of the following Assertion [a]  and the Reason [r]:
Assertion (a) : Quaternary ammonium phase transfer catalysts can enhance the rate of nucleophilic aliphatic substitution reactions in biphasic systems with water soluble nucleophiles.
Reason (r) : Quaternary ammonium compounds are highly polar, positively charged water soluble compounds.
(A)    Both (a) and (r) are true but (r) is not the correct reason for (a)
(B)    Both (a) and (r) are true and (r) is the correct reason for (a)
(C)    (a) is true (r) is false
(D)    Both (a) and (r) are false

Q.130   Pyridine is more basic than pyrrole. This is due to which of the following facts?
(A)    Lone pair of electrons on N in pyrrole is localized
(B)    Lone pair of electrons on N in pyridine is localized
(C)    Nitrogen of pyrrole has one hydrogen atom attached to it while pyridine does not have any
(D)    Pyridine has three double bonds while pyrrole has only two

Q.131   In nucleophilic aliphatic substitution reactions arrange the following leaving groups in decreasing order of their leaving capacity?
[P] Brosyl    [Q] Hydroxyl    [R] Chloro    [S] Mesyl
(A)S>R>P>Q        (B)P>S>R>Q
(C)   R>Q>S>P    (D)   R > S > Q > P

Q.132  Which one of the given compounds can be used as primary standard for standardization of perchloric acid solution in non-aqueous titrations?
(A)   Potassium hydrogen phthalate    (B)   Sodium bicarbonate    
(C)   Potassium dihydrogen phosphate    (D)   Sodium methoxide

Q.133   Following are the desirable properties of the liquid phase used in GLC EXCEPT for one of the followings. Identify that.
(A)    It should be inert to the analyse;
(B)    It should have high viscosity at operating  temperature
(C)    It should have low vapour pressure at the operating temperature
(D)    It should have a high resolving power

Q.134  To synthesize sulphonylurea antidiabetics, which of the following reactions can be used?
(A)    Reacting a suitably substituted sulphonyl chloride with a desired urea derivative under basic conditions
(B)    Reacting a suitably substituted sulphonamide with a desired isocyanate derivative
(C)    Reacting a suitably substituted sulphonic acid with a desired isocyanate derivative
(D)    Reacting a suitably substituted sulphoxide with a desired urea derivative

Q.135   In polarography, DME has a number of advantages. One of the advantages is that mercury has large hydrogen overpotential. It means which one of the followings?
(A)    Hydrogen ions get easily reduced on the DIME
(B)    Hydrogen gas gets easily reduced on the DME
(C)    Hydrogen ions require high potential to be reduced at DME
(D)    Water is difficult to get oxidized at DME