GATE PY – 1993 Question Paper

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1.1 Triamcinolone is
(a) 9 a -Fluoro-16 a -hydroxyprednisolone
(b) 9 ß -Fluoro-16 a -hydroxyprednisolone
(c) 9 a -Fluoro-16 ß -hydroxyprednisolone
(d) 9 a -Bromo-16 a -hydroxyprednisolone

1.2 Surfactants are characterized by the presence of
(a) water solubilising groups alone
(b) fat solubilizing groups alone
(c) water and fat solubilising groups in the same molecule
(d) groups with positive charge

1.3 Gamma-globulin is separated from serum by
(a) agglutination (b) dialysis
(c) centrifugation (d) salting out

1.4 The stationary phase in Thin-layer chromatograph is:
(a) liquid held between glass (b) silica gel
(c) glass plate (d) none of the above

1.5 Benzoyl perioxide is
(a) an astringent (b) an emollient (c) a preservative (d) a keratolytic

1.6 Water for injection differs from sterile distilled water as it is free from
(a) carbon dioxide (b) pyrogens (c) preservatives (d) antioxidant

1.7 The correct equivalent for -10°C is:
(a) – 10°F (b) +22°F (c) -18°F (d) +14°F

1.8 The active metabolite of anti-cancer cyclophosphamide is:
(a) N œ hydroxyl cyclophosphamide
(b) N – methyl cyclophosphamide
(c) 4 – hydroxyl cyclophosphamide
(d) N – acetyl cyclophosphamide

1.9 Mebandazole, an anthelmintic drug, has one group at 5-position in the
benzimodazone structure. It is
(a) – S œ CH œ CH œ CH (b) – S – Ph
(c) Ph œ SO – (d) Ph œ CO -

1.10 Sedative action of barbiturates is due to substituents at C It is due to .
(a) high lipophilicity of groups at C position
(b) electronic withdrawing effect
(c) steric effect (d) metal chelation

1.11 Monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors have serious side effects and toxicities. The alternate drugs of choice are
(a) tricyclic antidepressants (b) hallucinogens
(c) amphetamines (d) xanthine alkaloids

1.12 Sterility test for the materials meant for surgical suture requires incubation for
(a) 7 days (b) 14 days (c) 21 days (d) 28 days

1.13 Silver-Silver chloride electrode consists of
(a) silver wire coated with calomel
(b) silver wire coated with potassium chloride
(c) silver wire coated with silver chloride
(d) platinum wire coated with silver chloride

1.14 Extinction E =

1.15 Senna leaf I.P. consists of
(a) dried leaflets of Cassia acutifolia and Cassia angustifolia
(b) dried leaflets of Cassia indica
(c) dried leaflets of Cassia carpinifolia
(d) dried leaflets of Cassia carpinifolia and Cassia acutifolia

1.16 Conformational isomerism is:
(a) cis-trans isomerism
(b) optical isomerism
(c) dextro-and levo-rotatory
(d) non-identical spatial arrangement of atoms in molecules resulting from
rotation about one or more simple bonds

1.17 According to pH partition theory, a weakly acidic drug will most likely be absorbed from the stomach because the drug which exist primarily in the
(a) un-ionised, more lipid soluble form
(b) ionised, more water soluble form
(c) form of weak acid and more soluble in acid media
(d) ionic form of the drug which facilitates diffusion

1.18 Blood flow through a capillary is described by one of the following equations.
Choose the correct one.
(a) Langmuir (b) Noyes Whitney
(c) Hildebrand (d) Stokes

1.19. Ionic mobility is denoted by
(a) cm/sec (b) degree celcius/sec
(c) mg/sec (d) none of the above

1.20. A mixture of hydrochloric acid and acetic acid can be titrated satisfactorily by
(a) potentiometry (b) conductometry
(c) amphrometry (d) spectrophotometry