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Job for Pharmacist in Fortis Hospitals




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Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore, Kolkata, Kalyan, Kolkata is India's leading Hospital Chain with 10 Hospitals across India with a number of super specialty hospitals at Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata. With the latest technology, multi-disciplinary capability, state of the art facilities, world class infrastructure and excellent patient care ambiance and processes, Fortis Hospitals is poised to become the most advanced and progressive health care institution in this part of the world.

Post: Pharmacist

Job Description:
Responsible to store Medical material and ensure the following:
- Checking the expiry date of each individual item.
- Placing the material according to the expiry date.
- Proper labeling of racks and up gradation on regular basis.
- Storing of drugs according to temperature requirements.


Respionsible to issue drugs to user department and ensure following:
- Issue the drugs against sanctioned quantity in packing.
- Verify the item codes in the indents.
Responsible for entering the following details of receipts in Medtrack:
- SRIR number
- Receival Date
- P.O number
- Details of the quantity received.
Responsible to enter the details of issued indents (general, spirit, morphine and fentanyl) in Medtrack.
Responsible to assist and carried out following task in receipt of Medical material supplies:
- Receive drugs from supplier
- Verify Quantity of drugs supplied against the P.O.
- Inform the Officer In-charge about excess/discrepancy in the material received.

Responsible to maintain separate files for the indents of the following:
- General and urgent
- Methylated spirit
- Morphine
- Fentanyl
- Company patients

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Responsible to assist in inventory control and carry out following task:

  • Verification of physical and computerized stock.
  • Assist in maintenance of monthly/ yearly ledgers.
  • Responsible to prepare a list of expired medicines/breakages and submit it to the officer- in- charge.
  • Responsible to prepare an advance three months expiry list of drugs stored in Pharmacy.
  • Responsible to inform the officer-in-charge about any urgent material running out of stock.
  • Responsible to handle issues for the affiliated centers at Noida and Raipur.
  • Responsible to assist in maintenance of old records meant for disposal.

Additional Information:
Experience: 1-3 years
Education: B.Pharm, D.Pharm
Location: Kolkata
Industry Type: Pharma/ Healthcare/ Clinical research
Functional Area: Pharmacist
End date: 30th November, 2017


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