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RGCB is looking for a dynamic, result-oriented and dedicated Program Leader to provide daily supervision, mentorship and direction to RGCB’s translational biotechnology goals including leading the newly sanctioned DST funded National Facility For Drug Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics (NFDDDT) as well as the Biotechnology Technology & Business Development Incubator (BioNest) jointly managed by RGCB and the Kerala Start up mission. The position has both managerial and technical leadership responsibilities. Managerial leadership responsibilities include direct staff supervision, validation, compliance consulting, and project delivery responsibilities. Technical leadership responsibilities revolve around provision of suitable strategic plans and protocol to lead drug development and drug repositioning studies. RGCB has also a strong base in discovery and evaluation of natural compounds that have to be taken forward for preclinical and clinical evaluation.

Post : Research Associate

Research Associate vacancy is available in the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Research Facility, focused on understanding the immunological factors that modulate immune response to vaccines and viral infection using a combination of in vivo models of infection and clinical interventional studies.

Specific Responsibilities:
• Characterize long-term immune profiles over time after HPV vaccine immunization including B cell phenotyping profiling, B cell transcriptome profiling, B cell function (IgG production, Memory B cell ELISPOT, Antibody Function)
• Develop primary human in vitro immune cell assays (e.g. T cells, B cells, myeloid cells, co-culture assays and other primary cells)
• Measurements of cytokines and chemokines across different platforms (Bioplex, ELISA, MSD, etc).
• Protein detection by single or multiplex Western blotting.
• Measurement of cell surface receptors & proteins by single or multicolor FACS across different platforms.
• Actively participate in cross development and collaborative projects.
• Design and conduct experiments including trouble-shooting outcomes and adaptively design follow-on experiments with minimal supervision.
• Expertise with analysis of biological results by interpretation and presentation of the data in the group and project team

Qualifications and Experience:
• PhD in Life Sciences involving T or B cell immunology.
• Expertise in diverse immunochemical and molecular approaches is required.
• The candidates must show initiative, willingness to take up new skills and responsibilities, and be a team player.
• Excellent attention to details and the ability to work independently, good communication and organizational skills.
• The candidates must be self-motivated, able to multi-task and to work within a very collaborative environment.

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