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Job for Business Development Manager at Amedra Healthcare Pvt Ltd

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Job for Business Development Manager at Amedra Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Amedra Healthcare Private Limited is started in Pune by two brothers Ravindra Ajabe ( and Amol Ajabe (B.Pharm.), the business associated with company is to provide Spirulina products in different forms like tablet, capsule and powder to the consumer. Our main mission is to make life healthier. Reason behind the founding this company is to provide better healthcare facility to those who can't afford.

Post : Business Development Manager

Job Category : Business Development

Location : Pune

Job Description
1. Find and acquire new customers to the company primarily via direct sales
2. Close interaction with Marketing / Sales / Business Development managers of Enterprises

Candidate Profile
1. A charmer who can make even an iPhone user switch to Android
2. Every ‘No’ from a customer gives you a high and you’re insanely charged for your next ‘call’
3. Persistence, persistence, persistence, persistence and persistence, persistence!
4. Laser sharp in logical speaking

Salary structure
Basic salary: 19351
ESOP: 6000*
Room rent allowance: 1000**
Telephone/mobile bill allowance: 249**
Travelling allowance: 2400**
Meal allowance: 1000**
Grand total salary: 30,000 Rs

Asterisk meaning :
* - ESOP is Employee Stock Ownership Plan, in which employee will get ownership in the company. ESOP is disbursed at the end of month only to those who have completed given target. Vesting period to ESOP is 6 years.
** - These benefits given at the end of month to those only who has completed given target

Incentive : 6% incentive on extra sale

Penalty : If you unable to complete target on given month,
1. You will get your basic salary on the basis of how much percentage work you have completed
2. You will not qualify for * and ** portion of salary, and it will not be disbursed
3. Pending target will be added to next month target, and you can get deducted salary of previous month in current month salary except * and ** portion of salary
4. Still if you fail to achieve target in 1 quarter of period, it will lead to fire

Send your Resume at :

Amedra Healthcare Pvt Ltd
At- post Sudumbre Tal. Maval, Dist. Pune
Maharashtra - 412109

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