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Women Involvement in Science and Engineering Research Fellowship


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Women Involvement in Science and Engineering Research Fellowship

Indo-German Science & Technology Centre (IGSTC) was established by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Government of Germany to facilitate and promote Indo-German collaboration in Science and Technology (S&T) through substantive interactions between researchers of both India & Germany.

Women researchers are still underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) due to varied reasons. The situation has improved to a certain extent over the last few years, but an imbalance remains. Keeping in view the above scenario, this scheme intends to build scientific capacity, retain and promote women researchers in India/Germany by utilising complementary expertise in science, technology, innovation and research partnerships.

Overview of program :
• Through this scheme, women researchers / entrepreneurs holding a regular position in academic / research institutions/industrial research organisations in India / Germany may apply to be a part of an ongoing R&D project of interest with acceptance from the host team.
• The programme is open to all the areas of STEM.
• The grant includes funding for basic project requirements.
• The tenure will be for a period of 3 years or till completion of the project whichever is earlier and will cover one visit per year for short stay up to 1 month.

Thematic based bilateral R&D+I project of industrial relevance with at least one research/academic institution plus one industry from both India & Germany.
Thematic Area :  Al for Sustainability
• Al assisted understanding of extreme weather events
- Climate models informing agriculture production systems and agricultural management practices
- Al based extreme events detection and understanding Ethical & Fair Al
- Bias free Al (avoiding transfer context, algorithmic focus and emergent bias), privacy compliant Al (e.g. anonymising implicit social structural data) Infrastructure planning
- Al across disciplines to model and plan sustainable and climate resilient cities
- Rural/agricultural land use planning
Financial Support
350 Lakh (Indian institute & industry together)
Euro 450000 (German institute & industry together)
Application submission opens Mid-January 2024

Platform for substantive interaction between scientists/researchers from academia and industry from India & Germany to explore new avenues for Indo-German scientific collaborations.
Financial Support Rs. 25 Lakh / Euro 30000 Approximately
Cut-off date 31st Jan 2024

Lateral entry for women researchers/technologists to be part of ongoing project in India/Germany.
• Duration : 3 years
• One month/year stay at the host country
Financial Support Rs. 39 Lakh (Indian awardee)
Euro 48000 (German awardee)
Cut-off date 29th Feb 2024

Exposure for PhD students/Post Doc researchers from India at a German industrial/applied research setup to promote applied research and technology development.
Financial Support
PhD Industrial Exposure Fellowship (PIEF) Euro 1500/month (up to 6 months)
Post Doctoral Industrial Fellowship (PDIF) Euro 2500/month (up to 12 months) Plus travel, insurance & visa fees
Application Submission 1st Feb to 31st Mar 2024

Two-way exchange of early career researchers in pairs to explore Indo-German research landscape.
Support for research stay India/Germany to build future partnerships.
Financial Support Euro 2300 per month/fellow (up to 2 months) plus travel support
Application Submission 1st Feb to 31st Mar 2024

Who can apply?
• Women holding regular/long-term research position in academia or research institute/industry.
• No age limit (Preference to Early/Mid-career researchers).

Programme Requirements / Conditions
• The applicant must be working either in India or Germany.
• The applicant must define her role in the project, provide details of the objective, execution strategy and expected outcome.
• The applicant shall specify the value-addition to the project at the host country.
• Choice and acceptance from the host is the sole responsibility of the applicant. The applicant should ensure endorsement/consent letter from the host at the time of the application.
• The applicant shall submit No Objection Certificate (NOC)/Endorsement letter from the head of the institution(present organisation).
• The awardee shall commence her visit within 12 months from the date of the award letter.
• The awardee will abide by the conduct, rules & regulations of the host and the host country. IGSTC will not be responsible for violation of any Rules & Regulations by the awardee.
• The awardee and host must intimate IGSTC through email/letter in case of discontinuation by the awardee.
• The awardee must recognise and acknowledge IGSTC in all online/print documents, communications, reports, publications, conferences, theses, etc. on work emanating from the grant.

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