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Hiring for Molecular Biology at Genotypic


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Hiring for Molecular Biology at Genotypic

Genotypic is a pioneering genomics company since 1998 based in India providing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Microarray, Bioinformatics services and solutions to domestic, international pharma, biotech companies and academia. We are best known for simplifying complex genomics and to bridge the gap between biology and technologies. Our high-throughput facilities for genomics with ISO 9001:2015 accreditation is located in Bangalore, India. In 2020, Genotypic expanded to include diagnostics range of products to its portfolio for COVID-19 and other diseases such as Malaria, HIV, Syphilis, HCV.

Post : Molecular Biology

About The Role :
The Molecular Biology position manages a team dedicated to isolating and examining genetic material in diverse samples. They use advanced techniques like microarrays, qPCR, and bacterial purity tests to support various research projects.

Key Responsibilities :
Leadership in Molecular Biology Team:
• Lead and guide the molecular biology team to ensure on-time completion of projects.
• Foster a collaborative and efficient work environment.
Execution of Projects:
• Supervise and coordinate the execution of assigned projects in the molecular biology lab.
• Oversee the extraction of nucleic acids from various samples.
• Conduct quality checks on extracted nucleic acids to ensure reliability.
Optimization of Extraction Protocols:
• Work on optimizing extraction protocols, especially for challenging samples.
• Develop and update standard operating procedures (SOPs) for nucleic acid extraction.
Microarray and qPCR Projects :
• Handle projects involving microarray analysis and qPCR.
• Ensure proper documentation of experimental procedures and results.
Sanger Analysis for Bacterial Purity Testing:
• Perform Sanger sequencing for bacterial purity testing.
• Analyze sequencing data and prepare detailed reports.

Primer Design for qPCR :
• Design primers for qPCR experiments.
• Verify primer specificity and efficiency through in-silico analysis.
Chemical/Reagent/Kit Ordering:
• Identify and order chemicals, reagents, and kits necessary for lab experiments
• Maintain relationships with suppliers for timely deliveries.
Lab Inventory Management :
• Keep track of lab inventory, including chemicals, instruments, and extracted nucleic acid samples.
• Manage ISO documents related to lab protocols and procedures.
Maintaining a high level of organization and communication is crucial in overseeing these tasks
• Regularly updating protocols, ensuring equipment functionality, and staying informed about advancements in molecular biology are also important aspects of this role
• Additionally, complying with safety regulations and quality standards is essential for the smooth functioning of the laboratory.

Additional Information
Qualification : MSc / MTech in Biotechnology, Genetics, Genomics, Biochemistry
Location : Bengaluru (On-Site)
Experience : 3-7 Years

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Last Date : 7th January, 2024

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