Walk in Interview for Lm Bioassay, Hybridoma, Protein Expression & Protein Purification at Syngene International

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Syngene International is one of India’s premier contract research and manufacturing organizations in providing customized service. Our services encompasses all across discovery chain: early stage discovery, process development, cGMP manufacturing and formulation development both in the small molecule and novel biologics area. Based in Bangalore, Karnataka, the Company is situated in a 90 acre Special Economic Zone with over 100000 sq. mt of built up facilities. The state-of-the-art research facilities have been qualified by various pharmaceutical majors & regulatory agencies and has received various certifications including ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, GLP and AAALAC.

M.S/M.Sc./M.Tech (Biology/ Biochemistry/Zoology) with 3-5 yrs industrial experience.

Key Skills: Cell culture, cell line generation, reporter assay design and use, BIAcore (SPR), Octet.

Job Responsibilities:
1. He / She should perform experiments like plasmid preparation -large scale , cloning, PCR, SDM, Gene synthesis, Vgene sequencing.

2. Generation and validation of reporter assay cell lines.

3. Knowledge of SPR based analysis for design of experiments as well as interpretation of work such as affinity, epitope binning.

4. Working knowledge of Octet (desirable)

5. Multi-color flow cytometry for antibody binding as well as affinity determination using flow cytometry.

6. Functional assay development (ADCC, CDC)

7. Working knowledge of different types of recombinant antibodies such as bi specific antibodies.


M.S/M.Sc./M.Tech (Biology/Biochemistry/ Zoology) with 3-5 yrs industrial experience.

Key Skills: Hybridoma, Cell culture, flow cytometry, animal handling.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Should have a sound knowledge of antibody generation and Hybridoma techniques.

2. Perform animal experiments like subcutaneous injection, retro orbital bleeding.

3. Perform the screening of Hybridoma supernatants and bleeds by ELISA and flow cytometry.

4. Should be well versed with mammalian cell culture techniques, transfection.

5. Clone, track and prepare Hybridoma s for storage in liquid nitrogen

6. Process, analyze and compile large sets of screening data


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