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Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB), an institution of education, training and research is established by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India under the auspices of UNESCO. The Centre will focus on cooperatively working towards shared biotechnology growth in the Asia-Pacific Region. Regional interactions in biotechnology will promote co-operation amongst the countries to develop necessary infrastructure and capacity building for economic benefit of our societies. The Centre would be beneficial in developing knowledge rich, highly skilled human resource to all countries in the region. RCB will be part of the Biotech Science Cluster (BSC) and will operate in synergy with the other institutions in the Cluster.

Post: Scientist

Title of Project: Identification of chemical compounds that modulates the taste behavior in Drosophila Melanogaster.

Duration: Initially for 1 year, may be extended on annual evaluation till the duration of the project.

Essential Qualifications: Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences, Chemical Engg./Bio-chemical Engg.with 3 or more year research experience, minimum 60% marks in M.Sc or equivalent degree and below 40 years of age.

Desirable: A newly established Drosophila Genetics and Neurobiology laboratory is seeking a Research Associate to contribute to understand the mechanisms of taste modulation in Drosophila melanogaster. To adjust in a constantly changing environment, animal behavior isshaped by the sensory stimuli it detects, previous experience and the internal state. Drosophila display verysimple and plastic taste behaviors like acceptance behavior with sugar and avoidance with bitter compounds,which gets modified by intrinsic and extrinsic cues. How physiological state such as hunger, satiety and thirstinfluence taste behaviors is an area of our interest. A chemical screen will be performed to identify natural/synthetic chemicals that modify taste behavior and acts on the central and peripheral nervous system of the fly.

Technical skills preferred:
1. Proficiency in screening of fine chemicals via cheminformatics/bioinformatics using advanced software’s like chemwindows, chemaxon etc.
2. Complete knowledge of wet and dry chemical & bio-chemical experimentations like micro extractions of chemicals.
3. Proficient in MS Office applications, including word, excel, power point, and project management software applications.
4. Expertise in spectroscopic analytical techniques:
(a) Micro analysis in gas chromatographic techniques (GC-MSD) for screening chemical at ppm & ppb level.
(b) Advanced GC software’s like EZ chrome and Chemstation.
(c) Through knowledge of packed/capillary columns and GC detectors.
(d) Mico analysis in high performance liquid chromatography.
(e) Fluorescence and Confocal microscopy.
5. Computer expertise: Programming in FORTRAN, C & C++, JavaScript etc. Please include a recent CV that contains contact information of at least 2 references.

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