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Procter & Gamble is the innovation leader in our industry. Virtually all the organic sales growth we’ve delivered in the past nine years has come from new brands and new or improved product innovation. We continually strengthen our innovation capability and pipeline by investing two times more, on average, than our major competitors.
P&G. We interact with more than five million consumers each year in nearly 60 countries around the world. We conduct over 15,000 research studies every year. We invest more than $350 million a year in consumer understanding. This results in insights that tell us where the innovation opportunities are and how to serve and communicate with consumers.

Post: Key Account Manager - India

Job Description
1.Account Management: 
a)Section Planning & management for the territory/Channel / Customers
b)Business delivery of assigned territory / KA channel 
c) Program Manager for all his key accounts 
- Joint Business Planning with KA
- Monthly business review with KA
- Identify opportunities
- creates 3/6 months calendar program for KA
- Executes the program

Carry out full people responsibility for direct reportees Responsible for ensuring perfect reporting of his/her KAs, Mission Acquisition (Gain) Plans, monthly news letter to customers, monthly business letter to Unit Manager & NKAM, new initiative tracking, Competitive information, Expense reports.

Personal Development:
Use quality PDP, E-learning, and leverages MM to ensure self development. 
d)Maintains Service level at all KAs 
e)Relationship Management with KA 
f)Use relevant tools from common tool pool to grow their business 
g)Execute 6 monthly calendar program prepared by NKAM for National Key Accounts in his territory 
h)Plan & drive Education activities in his KAs 
i)Execute gain strategy in his territory, Gain new customers 
j)Execute accessories /FMOT replenishment in individual KAs doors.

2.Review & Tracking: 
a)Monthly business review for his territory with the NKAM & UM b)Monthly business review with his individual KAs 
c)Monthly service level review with BDMs / RSM 
d)Monthly review with Education SPOC on Education activities

3.Business Reporting: 
a)Monthly KA business reports 
b)Monthly Education report
c)Monthly Initiative Hit Rate 
d)Monthly Gain Status 
e)Monthly Issue Sheet 
f)Monthly Competitor Information

a)Ensure Execution POSM for the initiatives 
b)Ensure Plannograming in retail stand 
c)Ensure Execution of Branding replenishment principle 
d)Ensure availability and usage of Base Key Business Drivers inside the salons 

5.Leverages Education: 
a)Plans Education activities for the territory with KAT 
b)Monthly review with KAT on education activities in his territory
c)Ensure Education contractual commitment is delivered. 

6.Objection handling for his/ her account

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