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Products of Vama Pharma

Deepti Pharmaceuticalsis a registered company under Indian Pharmacopoeia to deliver quality Pharmaceuticals Products. They are Manufacturer and Supplier of a wide range of pharmaceutical products that are supplied to the different parts of the country. The major products of the company include Benzyl Benzoate, Borax Glycerin, Glycerin, Glycyrrhiza, Hydrogen Peroxide Solution, Isopropyl Alcohol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Turpentine Liniment, Cough Syrup and Ginger etc best quality products are the outcome of continuous research and development with the latest technology of advanced medical science. All the products are properly examined and tested by the dept professionals to provide the reliable, effective and immediate healing. They manufacture the products under strict vigilance and from the best quality raw material that we obtain from reliable sources. The products are supplied to the different states of India in the fine quality packaging to retain their good condition.

Products of Deepti Pharmaceuticals

Turpentine Liniment I.P.
We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Turpentine Liniment I.P. to all government hospitals of Maharashtra and Karnataka. It is available in packing of 100ml, 400 ml, and 500 ml. We provide high quality Turpentine Liniment I.P. that is properly tested and made to provide effective and immediate relief from rheumatic pain, counter irritation, etc. Turpentine Liniment I.P. is supplied to various parts of the country. Our Turpentine Liniment I.P. is made from the best quality raw material to provide tension free solution to our clients.

Isopropyl Alcohol I.P.
Isopropyl Alcohol I.P.are supply to various states of the country. Isopropyl Alcohol I.P. is properly tested by the expert professionals of the company before delivering to the customers. Our Isopropyl Alcohol I.P. is made from high quality raw material that we obtain from trusted sources. The solution is available at an affordable market price for the clients.

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution I.P
We are one of the manufacturers of Hydrogen Peroxide Solution I.P. I.P 20 vol available in 100ml, 450 ml, and 5 lit packing. Our Hydrogen Peroxide Solution I.P. is the perfect solution to use as an antiseptic treatment. The product has been properly tested to provide effective and immediate solution for the specific purpose. Our Hydrogen Peroxide Solution I.P. is made from the best quality raw material that we collect from trusted sources. Our Hydrogen Peroxide   solution I.P. is available at an affordable market price.

Arco Life Sciences (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a central India based reputed pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing company. The production facilities are located at MIDC Area, Hingana, Nagpur.
It possesses one of the best and modern manufacturing facilities in the area.

Arco Life Sciences (I) Pvt.Ltd. was established in April, 2004. Arco is running successfully since inception and achieveing new heights day by day. under the experienced leader ship of Dr.N.D.Agrawal (M.pharm, Ph.D, DBM), Director of the company. He was developed this unit up to the mark of standard ISO-9001:2008 within this short period. He is very much attentive towards quality control and research and development in his Organization.

Brand product
ACINORM (Ranitidine Inj. I.P., 25 mg/ml), ARMIKACIN (Amikacin Inj. I.P., 50 mg/ml), BIOCIN (Gentamicin Sulphate Inj. I.P., 40 mg/ml),

R-PRIN (Heparin Sodium Inj., 5000 IU/ml)

Generic name
Atropine Sulphate Inj. I.P.(0.6 mg/ml), Adrenaline Inj. I.P. (1 mg/ml), Aminophylline Inj. I.P. (25 mg/ml), Chloroquine Phosphate Inj. I.P. (40 mg/ml),

Opthalmic product
Gentamicin Eye Drops I.P. (0.3 % w/v),  Norfloxacin Eye Drops I.P. (0.3 % w/v), Ciprofloxacin Eye Drops I.P. (0.3 % w/v).

Pharmaceutical training give us deep knowledge about the formulation and quality of the products. It gives an idea about industrial orientation, it enhance the practical skill of the students, It gives an instrumental handling

Competitive intelligence CI can play important role in hypercompetitive, highly R&D oriented and knowledge sensitive pharmaceutical industry.  By analyzing IP back ground important conclusion regarding R&D activity, research collaboration and financial resources of competitors can be drawn out. Sometimes certain companies do unethical practice and enter at back door of competitor’s premises to unveil confidential information, this is very serious concern but most of companies do not pursue that practice. Conclusively, using IP ethically as a tool of CI, pharmaceutical company can look global scenario of pharmaceutical word and can attend higher growth. Information and technology oriented word could develop higher technology for searching, collecting and analysis of patent databases and IP knowledge. Development of super computers which automatically search and analyze information is highly awaited and could make whole process easy and more accurate.pharmaceutical formulation and its research invasis play important role in the young generation of the pharmacy students because without seeing the process we don’t know about the formulation and development of any medicine because of that a industrial visit should be compulsory to all the pharmacy students.

The authors would like to acknowledge the assistance provided by Supervisor Dr. D.K SANGHI and Co- supervisor Rakesh Tiwle and kind cooperation by Secretary Shri Keshavrao Mankar Bhavabhuti Shikshan Sanstha “Shri Laxmanrao Mankar Institute of Pharmacy” Amagoan, Gondia Maharashtra, INDIA.

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