Need for Professional And Social Change In Pharmaceutical Education

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About Authors:
Gedam V.K., Chikhle R.V.
University Department of Pharmacutical Sciences,
Rashtrasanta Tukdoji Maharaj
Nagpur University,
Amravati road, Nagpur-440033,

The natual sciences simply do not provide adequate tools or perspective.They need to be supplemented with knowledge from disciplines that deals with people and system. The social development has always been closely interlinked with healthcare achievements. Therefore Pharmacy education and practice has significant impact on health improvement of nation.The pharmacist represent the third largest professional group in the world which works in community a member of  healthcare team and have special responsibilities for safe use of medicines.
In India, profession of Pharmacy is yet to boom to its fullest extent. Here Pharmacist performs job of mere drug seller only and does not practice Pharmacy independently.In developed countries in addition to traditional dispensing Pharmacist monitor the health and progress of patient and provide patient care outcomes and accordingly their education curriculum is designed.
This paper seeks a need for professional and social change in pharmaceutical education system for achieving the  desired status of pharmacist in our country. The standard of education must be evaluated for strengthening of education and profession.

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The Pharmacist is integral part of healthcare team serving to society by proper dispensing of medicines, patient councelling with keeping upto date knowledge. The presented paper seeks for changes in pharmaceutical education to be more social and unique in order to attain desired status in our society and country.

* To evaluate the standards of pharmaceutical education in India.
* To correlate the curriculum with dispensing practices.
* To promote social needs.
* To suggest improvements for forthcoming pharmaceutical education in the country.

Current Scenario: 
At present there is little integration and emphasis on understanding of patient perspective. Personal interaction with patient which is not considering during training of pharmacist in Indian pharmacy colleges. Moreover numbers of pharmacy colleges are opening in India which are not considering this issue and running their institutions only for personnel business.

Need For Social Change:
The pharmacist at present are mere distributors of medicines. Pharmacy practice doesn’t moving towards the patient oriented social care. It is necessary run such programs in society so that every citizen of country knows the importance of pharmacist. From the students point of view each student must know what is pharmacist and its role in society right from their primary education.

The Real Needs:
*To develop more patient centered approach and multidisciplinary collaboration in students.
* To adapt different teaching methodologies which are more practically original rather than teaching just hypothetical concepts amongst the faculty .
* The B.Pharm syllabus need to divide into B.Pharm(Clinical) and B.Pharm(Industrial). So that it will build competitive skills among students and  by which one can be a  specialist in clinical and industrial aspects.
* To develop  a social research oriented attitude in students .

The pharmacists must be united and social. Students must do social activities and attain a patient oriented approach. There is  need  for equal collaboration of work in students and faculty and industrial and clinical delegates . Education system must be evaluated to prevent the any harm for future pharmacy profession.

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