Career as Scientist in Analytical Research Development at United States Pharmacopeia

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is a non–governmental, official public standards–setting authority for prescription and over–the–counter medicines and other healthcare products manufactured or sold in the United States. USP also sets widely recognized standards for food ingredients and dietary supplements. USP sets standards for the quality, purity, strength, and consistency of these products–critical to the public health. USP's standards are recognized and used in more than 130 countries around the globe. These standards have helped to ensure public health throughout the world for close to 200 years.

Post: Scientist – III, Analytical Research and Development (NMR)

Job Description:
Function of the Position:
This is a non-supervisory position in USP-India’s Analytical Research & Development Laboratory.  In this role, the Scientist - III responsible for providing analytical support for characterization or identification samples received from various laboratories of USP India such as ARD(17025), Synthetic chemistry, RSL, Verification, CDL and Biologics. The Scientist III performs a variety of non-routine and routine analytical tests, including evaluation of reference standards, development or validation (as per requirement) of official methods, evaluation of packaging materials and stability studies, and general research in analytical chemistry.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Responsible for operating, and maintenance of 500 MHz NMR instrument, recording and interpretation of NMR spectra for samples submitted by the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Lab, Reference Standards Lab, Biologics & Biotechnology Lab, and other sources as per ISO 17025.
• Develop appropriate NMR methods for identified of certain projects from time to time
• Work in open access instruments to support a team of ARD scientist and deliver result in a timely manner
• Responsible for small and large molecules structure elucidation using NMR spectroscopy
• Support to synthetic R&D projects from start to completion as per ISO 9001.
• Assist and maintain the safety aspects in the laboratory
• Help develop Standard Operating Procedures and policies in ARD Lab
• Coordinate with Quality Assurance staff to ensure the implementation of corrective actions
• Performs other related duties as required.
• Planning for ISO-9001 & ISO-17025 Re-certification Verification of Protocols.


Candidate Profile:
Required Skills
• Proficient in small molecule structure elucidation using NMR.
• Experience on biological molecules such as peptides, proteins and vaccines would be an added advantage.
• Knowledge of solid state NMR and multinuclear NMR operations is an advantage.
• Must be familiar with electronic notebook documentation of experimental procedures.
• Proven track record of consistently delivering projects on time and with high quality.
• Prior experience in a high volume pharmaceutical ARD laboratory or contract pharmaceutical analytical laboratory testing organization is a plus.
• Takes personal responsibility for delivery of projects to customers.
• Ability to embrace and lead change. Extremely adaptable. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
• Expertise with Bruker NMR software- automation software & hardware including cryo-probes.
• Comprehensive understanding of the science involved in the development of synthetic organic molecules and analytical chemistry. ACD & Chemdraw software’s handling is an added advantage. Proven self-effectiveness skills are must.

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