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Senior Executive Business Development – Clinical Research Services in Super Religare Laboratories

Super Religare Laboratories (SRL), is the veritable pioneer of medical diagnostics in India. Established in 1993, within 18 years from inception, SRL has been imbued with a mission to deliver Gold Standard Diagnostic services, both in the field of radiology and pathology.

Dendrimers: A Novel Therapy for Cancer

About Authors:
Marvinkumar I. Patel*, Ravi R. Patel
Nootan Pharmacy College,
Gujarat, India


Dendrimer chemistry was first introduced in 1978 by Fritz Vogtle and coworkers. He synthesized the first “cascade molecules”, today known as dendritic molecules. The dendrimer architecture permits control over properties such as shape, size, density, polarity, reactivity and solubility. Dendrimer density functions and starburst limits can be easily modeled mathematically. Dendrimers have stimulated wide interest in the field of chemistry and biology, especially in applications like drug delivery, gene therapy and chemotherapy. A treatment of Cancer mainly focused on the targeting the active drug molecule at the site without affecting the neighbour cells and dendrimers have this property which is useful in diagnosis and treatment purpose which is a new hope in this area of Cancer treatment.