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  • Opening for Pharmacists (32 posts) in RBSK

    Posts recruited under RBSK are as follows along with remuneration

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  • Vacancies for Pharmacists (300 Posts) under TS-RBSK | detailed info

    The Government of India has launched a new scheme under National Health Mission called Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) aiming at early identification and early intervention for children from birth to 18 years to cover 4 ‘D’s viz. Defects at birth, Deficiencies, Diseases, Development delays including disability.

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  • Health & Medical & Family Welfare, NHM invites Pharmacists | 300 Openings

    The Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare & Mission Director, National Health Mission, in his letter 1st read above has requested the Government for permission to fill up 1330 posts in different categories on contract basis under Rashtriya Bala Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK) in National Health Mission.

    The Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare and Mission Director National Health Mission shall take further necessary action in the matter.

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  • Vacancies for Area Manager, Professional Service Representatives in KAPL | 13 Opening

    Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., (KAPL) Bangalore is a Government Enterprise.  From a modest beginning in 1984, KAPL has grown from strength to strength in the areas of manufacturing and marketing of various life saving and essential drugs. With an ISO accredition from KPMG, Netherlands, KAPL is recognised for its total commitment to quality and services in domestic and international markets. On profit from inception, KAPL facilities are approved by many international clients.

    Post: Area Manager, Professional Service Representatives

  • Job for M.Pharm, M.Sc as Junior Research Fellow in Kakatiya University

    Kakatiya University was established on 19th August, 1976 to fulfil the aspirations of the Telangana people for higher education. The founding of the University was in fact a historic event in the sense that heralded a new era in the realms of higher education of this region. The erstwhile Post-Graduate Centre of Osmania University was upgraded and named Kakatiya University. The development of the University over the years has been gradual but impressive. The University was initially accredited with B+ grade by the NAAC in 2002 and reaccredited with A grade in 2008. The University situated in a sprawling area of about 650 acres, has now 24 departments in four colleges on the campus with a network of eleven constituent colleges and 471 affiliated colleges.

    Post: Junior Research Fellow


    Surya Prakash Singh*
    Vaagdevi College of Pharmacy,
    Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Warangal,
    pin:506001, Warangal, A.P, India

    Nanotechnology, a multi disciplinary science has received considerable attention in the recent times in the discovery of new chemical entities, diagnosis and treatment of several ailments[1]. It has created a remarkable impact on healthcare sector as an offshoot called nanomedicine. Many newer drugs show promising invitro effect but lack invivo effect due to decreased bioavailability. Nanomedicine has developed many drug delivering systems like nanoparticles, nanoemulsions, nanosuspensions, nanosponges etc., to overcome the problems of bioavailability out of which nanosponge is an advanced drug delivery system which offers diverse advantages than the other available systems. In this review, an attempt is made to summarize the methods of development, evaluation techniques and possible areas of applications and future of nanosponge drug delivery systems.


    About Authors:
    Samudrala Lahari

    St.Peters Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
    Kakatiya University

    Background: Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by hyperglycemia and abnormalities in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. It results from defects in insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity or both. Oxidative stress may play an important role in the itiology of diabetes and Diabetic complications. So, during Diabetes hyperglycemia causes increased production of free radical especially reactive oxygen species(ROS) for all tissues from glucose auto-oxidation and protein glycosylation.


    *1Charugundla Harini,2 K. Sudheer kumar
    1Kakadiya University, Warangal
    2Bijupatnaik University of Technology & Sciences, Odisha

    The aim of present research was to develop a fast releasing oral polymeric film, with good mechanical properties, instant disintegration and dissolution, producing an acceptable taste when placed on tongue. Solvent casting method was used to prepare oral films. cetirizine hydrochloride an antihistaminic was incorporated to relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. The polymers selected were HPMC 3cps and PVA. Glycerin was the plasticizer used. Eight batches of films with drug were prepared using different combinations of polymer concentration. The resultant films were evaluated for weight variation, content uniformity, folding endurance, thickness, surface pH, tensile strength, % elongation, % moisture absorption, %moisture loss in vitro disintegration and in vitro dissolution. The optimized films have disintegrated within 28-60sec. The percentage release was varying with concentration of polymer. The films made with HPMC3cps 200 mg released 98.5% of drug in 2min, which was the best release amongst all.


    About Authors:
    Vemavarapu Satish kumar*, Shahin1 , Saarangi Ramesh2
    *IPQC team member at GRANULES INDIA LIMITED, M.Pharmacy (pharmaceutics) Deevena college of pharmacy.
    1Shadan women’s college of pharmacy. khairtabad, Hyderabad. A.P chemistry, Prasad institute of  pharmaceutical sciences. jangaon, warangal. A.P


    1.1 Ficus religiosa
    Origin of the tree is not really known to anybody, but, there are also some interesting legends associated with the Peepal tree. The peepal is the first-known depicted tree in India. A seal discovered at MohenjDaro, one of the cities of the Indus Valley Civilisation (c. 3000 BC - 1700 BC), shows the peepal being worshipped. Excavations are suggestive of the fact that even in those times; the peepal tree was worshipped by Hindus.

    Peepal is native from India to southeast Asia and it is found wild and cultivated upto 5000 feet. Ficus religiosa is cultivated in various tropical areas of the world. It is grown in southern California, Florida and Hawaii, Homestead and Miami in the United States.

    Regardless of its origin, the tree needs lots of space, and the soil must be deep enough to let the roots grow down a long way. It is a large tree of about 20 m. heights with a well developed crown. It can grow in a wide variety of soils and it grows in a sub tropical climate with hot summers and frost during the monsoon season.

  • Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society invites Staff Nurse, Pharmacist, HIV Research Fellow (Non clinical) | 12 Posts

    Applications are invited from qualified and suitable candidates to work at ART Centre in various districts of A.P. Interested Candidates can send their biodata duly specify the Name and Post applied, along with copies of their qualification and experience certificates to the address of Concerned Medical Superintendent, of the respective Hospitals (RIMS/District Hospital /Area Hospital/Government General Hospital.)

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